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Waves just got Reels!

by Hester Bates

December 15, 2022

Influencer launches the integration of Reels into their end-to-end measurement platform Waves.

Influencer has today announced the launch of Reels as part of their product offering, now completing our full measurement suite for Instagram in Waves for Brands.

Waves for Brands is the end-to-end platform that empowers brands to manage influencer marketing campaigns at scale. Via the platform, brands can select their creators, activate their campaigns, and measure performance.

Having been given access to Instagram’s Reels API, Influencer’s clients and creators now have the ability to manage Reels content through Waves for Brands. Reels, Instagram’s fastest-growing feature worldwide, has been found to drive 22% higher engagement than traditional videos and has quickly transformed into one of Influencer’s highest-performing content formats.

This new feature:

  • Enables the delivery of greater campaign data accuracy and on-demand data on Reels’ performance, which can also be downloaded for further analysis.
  • Allows for Reels data to be accurately measured and reported on, which previously was difficult caused by manually data pulling due to no API being available.
  • Allows brands to manage top-performing IG formats in one central platform.
  • Gives creators the ability to create and submit full IG measurement suite formats for campaigns.

Influencer’s CPO, Rafael Franco, commented: “Introducing Reels on our Waves platform is an exciting step in our commitment to continuously evolve our product offering and equip creators and our clients with the tools to deliver true human influence.”


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