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Influence for good: What creators and NGOs can learn from each other about using their platform for good

by Hester Bates

November 15, 2022

For what was once considered by some to be a shallow industry, the creator marketing world has recently seen a shift. Increasingly, creators are using their platforms mindfully; distributing content that inspires people to start new careers, save the planet and stand up for what they believe in.

With this, we’ve seen a shift in the way government organisations and even world leaders view these creators. People are acknowledging the power creators hold, recognising them as the trusted conduit between organisations and the audience they want to reach.

Charities, philanthropic organisations, and governments turning to celebrities and cultural icons to raise awareness of world issues is nothing new. However, creators should be viewed by these organisations as more than just a mouthpiece. Creators present a new opportunity; they’ve grown dedicated audiences to communities of many thousands or even millions of people. They are experts at delivering messages, driving conversations with their followers, and actively engaging with their audience. Each creator’s understanding of what these communities want to hear is invaluable to the organisations that are trying to reach them.

In order to open this dialogue, curated ‘Influence’, an industry-first event in partnership with Web Summit and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). The event set out to champion creators with purpose and unite them with purpose-led organisations including NGOs and government officials and they will be looking to creators to help them engage with audiences globally.

The event was comprised of a number of roundtables, some of which were led by creators, while others were led by policy-makers or government officials. Topics included:

  • Using your influence for good, with co-founder and YouTube creator Caspar Lee;
  • Create with purpose with YouTuber Hyram Yarbro;
  • How to find solutions to global problems, with Gloria Walton, President & CEO of The Solutions Project;
  • How to influence policymakers, with Jude Ower MBE, Founder and CEO of Playmob and Co-founder of the Playing for the Planet Alliance;
  • How to identify companies worth supporting, with Danijel Višević, Founding Partner at World Fund; and
  • Achieving the sustainable development goals, with Boaz Paldi, Chief Creative Officer at the UNDP.’s co-founder Caspar explains “Our vision at has always been to create meaningful relationships between brands, creators, and their audiences. Influence is about bringing the UNDP, a very important organisation and brand, into a room with creators to build something meaningful. We can't wait to see what ideas come off the back of Influence and watch these purpose-led creators continue to be a force for good”.

Creators who joined Influence included Sam Bentley, Earthtopia and ‘thrift and vintage fit’ creator Rabia Abassi. Sam Bentley embodies what it means to use influence for good, creating positive and relatable content for his 1 million+ followers about sustainable developments, ethical consumption, and regenerative living. But what does it mean to be a ‘voice for good’ and what does it mean in practice? Sam explains “being purpose-led is important as it allows you to maintain integrity and know what you will and won't stand for. There's a lot of noise in the media industry, knowing your purpose can help you cut through that noise and stay aligned to your true self and the vision you have of creating a better future. Then if people believe in your purpose, you can take them on that journey with you too”.

Since their launch in 2017 has become a market-leader in the creator space. Founded by creator Caspar Lee and advertising professional Ben Jeffries, their real-world knowledge of the industry has allowed them to connect brands with creator communities and develop game-changing technologies that change the way we deliver and measure influencer marketing activity. And, in doing so, they’ve built a community of authentic, socially-plugged in creators, many of whom use their platforms for good.’s products gives creators a voice, championing the ones creating authentic and inspiring content which solves complex environmental issues or offering advice about mental health. act as a regulator for creator best practice and will continue to hold creators and brands to account. Creators are a mechanism for change, and these creators are the voices of the future.


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