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How YoungMinds' Influencer Campaign Raised Emotional Literacy Around Anger

by Hester Bates

At Influencer, we are championing a new era of creativity within the influencer marketing space. By helping brands to build meaningful relationships with creators, we facilitate the creation of the most unique and eye-catching campaigns out there!

One campaign we are particularly proud of is our collaboration with Publicis•Poke, Facebook and the charity YoungMinds. YoungMinds works to raise awareness of the mental health issues that many young people face.

One of their campaigns, ‘Anger Unboxed’, was created to increase the emotional literacy of UK-based 16 to 25 year olds around anger; while there are plenty of campaigns telling young people to recognise if they’re feeling sad, there was little information out there regarding recognising anger. Anger, whilst a normal emotion, when expressed through aggression towards oneself or others can lead to serious problems, and young people do not always have the tools to control or understand it. Therefore, it was crucial that this campaign presented the resources that the YoungMinds community has to offer for young people who struggle with controlling this emotion.

Creator selection for this campaign was extremely important, as reaching the brand’s target audience with relatable content creators was of paramount importance. We used deep data insights to pinpoint creators whose audience reflected the brand’s target audience and who had previously spoken out about their mental health. The 2 content creators selected, Josh Pieters and Unjaded Jade, followed the creative, focusing on ‘hacking’ the popular online unboxing trend, to ease the sensitivity of the subject. Following this narrative, they then discussed their experiences with anger to express the effects of this emotion and educate audiences on how to understand it. These interviews were then circulated via Instagram Stories and IGTV content, and we are very pleased to say that this campaign was a huge success. By achieving a cumulative reach of 5 million and over 10 million impressions, the charity felt confident that their aim, of raising awareness of young people’s mental health issues, was successfully met.

The campaign was nominated for Best Social Good Campaign at the 2019 DigiDay Advertising & Marketing Awards.

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