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How Caxton RED Launched As The Creator's Favourite Card

by Hester Bates

Modern ways of banking are on the rise, making it harder than ever for challenger banks to stand out. However, last summer Caxton successfully cut through the noise when they launched their new RED Card, which makes banking when travelling undoubtedly a lot simpler, easier and more in-tune with people's “mobile” lifestyles.

Influencer collaborated with Caxton to showcase Caxton’s new RED card. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of the newly launched card and to highlight why it is the new way to travel smarter.

Firstly, Influencer used data from the Influencer platform to identify creators whose community matched Caxton’s target audience; 25 to 45 year old, digital natives who are looking for ways to make their life simpler, easier and more organised when travelling the world. 20 lifestyle and travel creators were subsequently selected, who produced original and captivating content from all over the world that their followers engaged well with.

The creators content not only helped to raise brand awareness but also created discussions between creators and their audience on what the card offers. Over the summer, 103 pieces of original content featuring the Caxton RED card were produced, including 40 Instagram feed posts and 63 Instagram Stories. This campaign was hugely successful and reached a total audience of 1.5 million people, almost 125% above target. The Caxton campaign also earned over 15,500 sticker taps on Instagram Stories, and achieved a 3.6% engagement rate on Instagram feed posts.

Our creators created original and captivating content that didn’t just reach a lot of people but also compelled their audience to act on what they saw and apply for their Caxton RED Card.

Here at Influencer, we believe that building meaningful relationships between our creators and brands creates a stronger impact on the brand’s target audience, subsequently generating more meaningful results, as shown in our collaboration with Caxton.

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