True Human Influence: The Impact of TikTok and Creators on Brand Success

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In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, the marriage between TikTok and creators has emerged as a dynamic force, propelling brands to new heights of success

This article delves into the white paper "From Awareness to Action: The Power of True Human Influence on TikTok" and explores how TikTok's unique environment, coupled with the authenticity of creators, produces a powerful synergy that goes beyond traditional metrics to drive True Human Influence at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Embracing True Human Influence

The foundation of this white paper rests on the belief that Influencer’s concept True Human Influence must become the linchpin of effective influencer marketing. Ben Jeffries, CEO at Influencer, emphasizes the potency of recommendations from friends and family, a sentiment echoed by consumers globally. However, the challenge lies in scaling such personal endorsements. Influencer marketing steps into this gap, offering a scalable alternative where creators on platforms like TikTok become an integral part of social feeds, blurring the lines between friends, family, and influencers.

True Human Influence, as Jeffries defines it, transcends the baseline metrics of likes and impressions. It focuses on the tangible outcomes that creators drive, encompassing audience reactions, improved brand metrics, and, most crucially, higher sales and ROI. The partnership between Influencer and TikTok seeks to quantify this evolution in influencer marketing, exploring how creators have seamlessly converged with the platform, creating a space where raw, authentic, and relatable content reigns supreme.

And TikTok aligns perfectly with this manifesto. Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok, sheds light on the platform's role in driving real business value. TikTok's emphasis on creators as a superpower in its media mix aligns seamlessly with the ethos of True Human Influence. Creators on TikTok embody authenticity, relatability, and a genuine connection with viewers through shared experiences and interests.

The Uniqueness of Creator Content on TikTok

Relatability: Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Consumers

What sets creator content apart is its inherent relatability. Unlike traditional brand content, creators excel in establishing genuine connections by embodying the ethos of 'people like me.' TikTok users attests to this, with 67% finding creator content relatable and three out of four users finding it believable. Creators act as peer-to-peer influencers, offering a recommendation akin to that of a friend or family member. Key to this relatability is the creators' ability to demonstrate how a product solves specific problems faced by the audience. This approach transforms product promotion into a solution-oriented narrative, boosting the perceived utility of the product and establishing a trust dynamic.

Trust: Seeing is Believing

Trust is the currency of influencer marketing, and on TikTok, it takes center stage. Visual storytelling becomes a game-changer, with 72% of viewers convinced of a creator's genuine liking towards a product they endorse. In addition, the dynamic product showcases and engaging visuals on TikTok leads to a remarkable 67% increase in brand trust.

Participation: From Viewers to Creators

The influence of creators extends beyond content consumption to active participation. Features like duets, stitches, and challenges transform passive viewers into creators, fostering a sense of belonging and community. TikTok's inclusive environment creates a breeding ground for participation, turning content consumption into a shared, interactive experience. ​​For example 81% of TikTok users actively engage in replicating content recommended or shown by creators, whether it involves trying out a new recipe, exploring a restaurant, embracing fashion ideas, or adopting new fitness exercises.

Driving True Human Influence Throughout the Funnel

The relatability, trust, and participatory nature of creator content converge to drive True Human Influence outcomes throughout the marketing funnel. These aspects work as a multiplier effect, influencing consumers from awareness to consideration, and finally, to decisive actions such as purchases, recommendations, and the creation of user-generated content.

Upper Funnel: Beyond Impressions

Creator content on TikTok goes beyond impressions, with 44% stating that it told them everything they need to know. Ads with creators drive a 24% increase in brand favorability, introducing users to new products and brands.

Mid Funnel: Active Information Seeking

One in three TikTok users globally searches for more information about a product or brand after watching creator content. Ads with creators lead to an 18% increase in recommendations and overindex in brand persuasion.

Lower Funnel: The Power of Purchase Intent

After watching creator advertising, 64% of users express the intent to buy the product. Creator-led campaigns deliver an incremental ROAS of $1.64, a 52% improvement over total digital, driving a 17% increase in purchase intent.

Conclusion: Navigating the Paradigm Shift

For brands and advertisers, recognizing and embracing the profound impact of True Human Influence embedded in creator content on TikTok is crucial. The authenticity, relatability, and participatory nature of creator-driven narratives signify a paradigm shift in marketing strategies, which brands must remain ahead of. By understanding and leveraging the authentic narratives woven by creators, brands can establish genuine connections with their target audience, guiding potential customers seamlessly through the entire funnel. This approach transforms creators from mere content producers to influential guides, shaping the audience's perceptions and decisions with an authentic touch that resonates throughout the consumer journey. In the dynamic landscape of TikTok and influencer marketing, the era of True Human Influence has dawned, promising new levels of brand success.

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