Influencer agency adopts brand lift metrics across campaigns to address measurement challenges

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Influencer marketing has grown up, and agency Influencer is making sure its measurement does too

The agency is championing change in its partnership with ThisThat, setting a new standard and challenging industry-wide measurement concerns head-on. Influencer is mandating Brand Lift studies across eligible campaigns, so that brand-side marketers can level-up their impact and measure it.

Ben Jeffries, Co-founder and CEO of Influencer said “The No. 1 question I hear from brand CMOs is whether influencer marketing can be measured, and the answer is a resounding yes. Their No. 2 question? How can they compare influencer marketing against television, out of home and other media? The answer is Brand Lift.”

As a result, the agency is now offering Brand Lift studies on major campaigns —and is the only influencer marketing agency to do so. As an agency, Influencer is on a mission to drive True Human Influence, which can only be accomplished on a bigger scale if influencer marketing is both measurable and comparable from here on out.

In partnering with data and market measurement company ThisThat, Influencer is poised to offer the next generation of measurement and simultaneously provide ready-to-utilize insights, quickly, which will eliminate guesswork and boost ROI, brand awareness and perception. “All of which will be music to every CMO’s ears,” Jeffries added.

As part of this effort, Influencer will utilize Natural Exposure, which measures the impact of a campaign on the people within the creator’s audience who actually saw it. Other solutions typically rely on Forced Exposure which shows content to people who have been recruited to take part in related research studies via a mock scenario. ThisThat’s approach employs the former, which is far more accurate and also more likely to deliver results because it accounts for the actual relationship between creators and their audience.

Influencer marketing is on the cusp of becoming a primary, mass-market tactic, making its journey to become measurable all the more important. Influencer is proactively going above and beyond to ensure that the brands they work with can not only understand, but quantify the impact of their campaigns. Given that roughly four-in-five (82%) of brands and advertisers are looking to create a dedicated budget for influencer marketing, this collaboration comes at a prime moment.

ThisThat’s three-dimensional creator-and social media-first approach to campaign measurement allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their creative content, their targeting and their distribution across various platforms, within a single holistic effort. Their gamified surveys—first of their kind—achieve completion rates as high as 70%, and its complete offering of leading-edge data collection is designed to reflect the true effectiveness of creator marketing.

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