Google Pixel Multi-Channel Masterstroke

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We helped Google Pixel rewrite the playbook for impactful creator marketing by engaging with creators in an “always-on” strategy.

The approach we employed for generating evergreen content was to capture brand and product moments through over 180 loyal ambassadors who already had a deep, long-term relationship with Google Pixel.

The result was a myriad of authentic content that their followers couldn’t resist. With the support of our dedicated Google team curated in 2021, Influencer amassed a vibrant roster of creators deployed across various media formats — all leading to stronger loyalty, superior engagement, and more creators at the heart of the Google Pixel brand.

The creativity of the #TeamPixel ambassadors is the cornerstone of this successful strategy. Their stories, highlighting Google Pixel as a magical tool, resonated with their audiences due to their authenticity subsequently building trust and loyalty.

The success of this approach catalysed a transformative extension of Google Pixel's ambassador reach — progressing from social channel stars to establishing themselves as influential figures across TV ads, events, and primary marketing channels.

Recognising their immense potential, Google Pixel amplified their ambassador-led marketing efforts, making these vibrant personalities the powerhouse behind the brand's remarkable marketing success. They didn't just see the opportunity — they seized it with conviction.