Channel 4 Rise and Fall Launch

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For the launch of the new Channel 4 TV series Rise & Fall, we worked with some of TikTok’s most iconic comedy and lifestyle creators and duos, from GK Barry to Moyo & Woody, resulting in a reach of over 10.6M.

The creators were aligned with the two personality groups ‘grafters and rulers’ as seen on the Channel 4 show and tasked to compete in the Rise & Fall Branded Effect challenge, to drive conversation and encourage users to engage with the branded effect on TikTok.

The content gained high engagement, with almost 2k users trying out the branded effect on TikTok themselves. Reach and awareness - the central objectives - were successfully achieved, with over 16.6M views of the 6 pieces of creator content, and over 10M unique users. Additionally, content achieved an engagement of 140k.