Amazon Prime Day Campaign

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To position KISS as the go-to brand for artificial nails and lashes, we partnered with a diverse range of beauty and lifestyle creators to drive awareness of and product conversion for KISS Products during Amazon Prime Day.

To generate authentic and relatable content that would be received positively by highly engaged audiences, we carefully selected creators who had experience in the realm of beauty content and had already established themselves as KISS aficionados.

After receiving the brief just 12 days prior, the campaign had been successfully planned, executed, and activated, generating results that surpassed the agreed targets. With just 5 pieces of content, an audience of 5 million was reached, exceeding the campaign target by 81%. Across 1.74 million organic views, a 6-second view rate was achieved for 26% of viewers. Due to the careful selection process, the engagement rate exceeded the target for this campaign by 44%.