Fuelling the fun for Chiquita

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Parents and kids went bananas for our inspirational integrated creative campaign

The challenge

We were appointed as the lead creative agency to devise a fresh and engaging in store and digital promotion, across Europe and the US, that would drive awareness and purchase frequency. The campaign needed to hit a number of objectives:

  • Secure distribution and shelf space with a relevant and eye-catching promotion
  • Engage consumers with simple mechanics and tempting rewards that could be transcreated into multiple languages
  • Drive sales by communicating rational benefits and creating stand out in store
  • Reinforce Chiquita’s playful ‘We are Bananas’ brand positioning

Our approach

Kids love getting creative and bananas are a great fuel for their imagination. So our Fuel the Fun campaign offered them a once in a lifetime, money can’t buy chance to design Chiquita’s iconic blue sticker, with the 12 winning entries appearing on millions of bananas across the world in 2020. To help them express their creativity they also won an iPad Pro.

Our fun-packed multi-channel activation appeared in stores across the US, as well as in Germany, Italy, Greece, and The Netherlands. POS, OOH and Facebook posts teased the competition, creating awareness and driving hundreds of entries at Chiquita’s Facebook page.


The campaign saw a huge response across all five markets. As Italy was the most successful, we’re taking inspiration from this territory as we enhance future activity.

  • The 'Fuel the fun' approach was rolled out across channels to get maximum engagement
  • Messaging spread through OOH as well as digital and in-store
  • The digital contest aspect gave kids the chance to be creative (and potentially win some cool Apple kit)
  • Our in-store expertise meant the campaign seamlessly transferred into the shopping experience