Finding new customers for The Very Group

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How we delivered close to 4,000 new customers for The Very Group's flexible payment scheme in one season's campaign

Shoppers don't differentiate between channels. To find and talk to the best prospects we need to be visible and speak to them at the precise moment they're browsing and looking for inspiration.

Here's how our approach to this challenge delivered 3,838 new customers for Very...

Very gives customers the freedom to 'shop now, pay later', making the latest fashions and homeware accessible through flexible payment options. Knowing who these types of individuals are and where they're browsing is key to attracting new customers and sales.

Shopping for prospects

Very wanted to increase its customer base by targeting more prospects over its summer campaign period. Our challenge was to deliver these incremental customers by creatively engaging with them via a combination of digital and direct channels.

Very targeted…

Using lndicia Worldwide's proprietary view of the UK population, we built a universe of addressable Very prospects which we could target across multiple channels during the summer campaign activity. Using email, direct mail, social and video on demand, we served creative to the individuals most likely to shop with Very.

Clicking with customers

Our approach garnered impressive results…

  • Prospects reached across multiple channels were more responsive to the Very campaign
  • Those who saw the Very advertising in 3 or more channels were almost twice as likely to become a customer (gross uplift)
  • Indicia Worldwide uncovered a total of 3,838 new customers for Very