SEO strategy increases customer engagement for master jeweller

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Queensmith is an award-winning Hatton Garden jeweller

Queensmith is an award-winning Hatton Garden jeweller. Their team of gemologists and master goldsmiths specialise in the crafting of bespoke wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewellery.

The Challenge:

Based in the competitive engagement ring hot spot in London, Hatton Garden jewellers, Queensmith was hit severely by the pandemic when their stores were forced to close.

COVID-19 impacted their ability to fulfil orders and they had to quickly adapt to consulting online, something they had never done before. Queensmith doubled down on SEO activity to recoup any losses as the UK went into lockdown.

Our specific objectives were to:

1. Increase organic traffic
2. Recover avg. monthly leads back to ~87 per month (after seeing a loss in the number of leads during March-May)
3. Achieve first-page rankings for ‘Lab Grown Diamond’ terms

The Strategy:

Queensmith needed a solid SEO strategy to help them remain visible during the lockdown period and to ensure they were in as strong a position as possible when restrictions eased.

Our strategy set out to:

- Identify and rank for a variety of commercially focused product search queries so that Queensmith was not heavily reliant on search terms that had seen reduced demand due to COVID. To achieve this, we expanded the site architecture to include new landing pages targeted to more specific product queries

- Become visible to consumers searching for Queensmith related products outside of the hyper local Hatton Garden area by nurturing its Google My Business page and implementing changes to on-page optimisation and link building

- Become the industry thought leader on the lab grown diamond product by creating informative content that educates the reader on the benefits of purchasing a lab grown diamond

The Results:

The below results look at when the UK came out of lockdown: June 2020 - December 2020 vs the previous year.

1. 176% increase in organic traffic

2. ~146 leads per month, restoring numbers lost from lockdown as well as achieving additional leads

3. #1 for lab grown diamond key terms