Paid media strategy drives a 40% revenue increase

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Fire Seals Direct is a family-owned ecommerce brand, supplying specialist fire safety and intumescent products for over 40+ years

The Challenge:

Fire Seals Direct achieved excellent growth during the pandemic and despite the uncertain economic climate, wanted to continue this upward trend throughout 2022.

Having worked together since January 2021, our paid media team identified that Fire Seals Direct could grow its revenue through PPC activity by changing the way they reported on attribution. A more holistic overview of PPC activity would allow investment to the areas that would drive the most profitable growth.

Throughout 2022, we were tasked to achieve:

  • 28% increase in overall revenue
  • 22% increase in revenue driven from PPC activity
  • Achieve a minimum ROAS of 5.5

The Strategy:

We provided Fire Seals Direct with a contextual understanding of their PPC KPIs to secure increased investment in profitable growth areas. Using first-party data and channel-specific reporting, we uncovered evidence to support the hypothesis that an incremental increase in ad spend would drive revenue and remain cost-effective.

Confident in this approach, Fire Seals Direct invested additional spend into key growth areas to drive ROAS and revenue. The opportunities identified supplied Fire Seals Direct with a holistic view of how their PPC activity was performing throughout the funnel, where we utilised different campaign formats to appeal to their target audience and to capture high-intent searches.

The Results:

Over 12 months, we provided strong statistical analysis and data modelling to ensure PPC revenue efficiency during a time where every penny counts. As other players might look to cut back on ad spend, our approach to invest additional incremental spend resulted in profitable growth.

Fire Seals Direct achieved a record revenue mark despite the economic climate, it was their best year ever!

  • 71% increase in overall revenue
  • 40% increase in PPC-attributed revenue
  • 6.52 ROAS, against a target of 5.5