Impression unveils innovative AI and Sitemap Extraction Tools

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Digital growth agency, Impression, has published two tools to help SEOs and their workflow

Digital growth agency, Impression, has published two tools to help SEOs and their workflow. Oapy, Impression’s first AI tool is designed to generate content as scale, whilst its XML sitemap tool is distinct from other tools of this kind.

Oapy is a free GPT-4 web app that allows SEOs and marketing managers to get more from their workflow by generating SEO copy as scale. Oapy is ideal for generating page titles, meta descriptions and category header copy, all while defining search intent (across commercial, informational, navigation, and transactional) and provides additional refinement capabilities.

Split into two complementary prompt modes for SEOs to play with, you can easily enter the information you need and let Oapy do the work.

The XML Sitemap URL Extractor is completely free and offers the ability to support sitemap index files as well as single sitemap files. This enables you to extract URLs into a table through an intuitive interface. Each URL is then listed alongside the sitemap it was sourced from (handy information when it comes to technical SEO auditing).

Easy to use, this tool works simply by entering in an XML sitemap URL and pressing ‘Go’. From here, your sitemaps are parsed and the information is displayed in a table for reference. This data can then be downloaded as a CSV file to use later.

Why might I want to use it?

Site content, such as blogs, services pages, and more, can take up a lot of resource for marketing teams, so being able to alleviate the pressure allows your team to focus on more strategic actvity. For example, when producing 80+ product pages for an ecommerce store, you can cut down hours spent hand-crafting meta descriptions and category pages by using Oapy.

Oapy outputs a CSV file with content specific in your prompts, this could be ‘Write a small description of kitchen paint/wood paint/outdoor paint’ ‘Write a meta description of kitchen paint/wood paint/outdoor paint with a transactional intent’. After proofreading and edits, you now have a complete list of category page text for the pages you need.

Extracting URLs from an XML sitemap can be beneficial for many reasons, so Impression’s tool offers a wide variety of use cases for SEOs.

Firstly, it can help you to determine if your XML sitemaps are referencing all of your indexable and essential URLs, as well as troubleshoot if any non-indexable URLs are being referenced. This can provide insight into how the XML sitemaps capture your other types of content, such as images, video, news and localised URLs.

Additionally, it can also provide invaluable data for examining a website's information architecture. The output from the tool splits out URLs according to the sitemaps they were extracted from, helping you to categorise pages as part of your analysis.

And what makes Impression’s tool unique?

Unlike other free-to-use scripts online, Impression’s tools allows you to use sitemap index URLs. The script will categorise any sitemaps in the source column, which allows you to place an index sitemap in and retrieve URLs at scale.

This useful functionality eliminates extra steps in the process. Typically with a tool such as this, users would have to gather all of their individual XML sitemap URLs in advance – and repeat the extraction process for each of these before compiling the data.

Oapy has been specifically designed for SEOs by SEOs, using GPT-4 to generate content by using two different prompt modes. ‘Playground’ mode is suitable for testing and varied prompt engineering that you don’t need to scale, while ‘Multiple keywords’ is Oapy’s scaling feature. Utilising both can get you the best results.

Impression’s proprietary tools save time by doing all of this for you simultaneously. Ready to get started? Start using our tools for free: Oapy / XML Sitemap URL Extractor.

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