Christian Aid ‘Hack The Agenda’ to ensure loss and damage is not forgotten at COP27

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Impero develops campaign to help Christian Aid drive government action on climate change

Impero develops campaign to help Christian Aid drive government action on climate change

London, 21 October 2022: Creative agency Impero are helping to launch a 5-week campaign for Christian Aid in the lead up to COP27 - to raise awareness of the loss and damage the climate crisis is inflicting. Impero is hijacking social conversations to turn attention towards the effects of climate change on the Global South and to get UK citizens to help pressure the government.

The ‘Hack The Agenda’ campaign involves the use of Twitter and Instagram to refocus the conversations surrounding COP27 onto the challenges faced by those most affected by climate change. Through identifying and targeting key talking points in the run up to COP27, the campaign looks to put loss and damage at the heart of the conversation and ensures it doesn't get ignored.

Through the utilisation of relentless and unignorable visuals combined with real-time responses that provide hard hitting facts, Impero are targeting major stakeholders surrounding COP27 in the political, media, corporate landscapes. The campaign will be unified through the hashtag #HackTheAgenda to track and engage people in dialogue.

Working with Reface startup and ISD Group in Ukraine, Impero has committed a particularly audacious hack, enabling Christian Aid to crash the conversation around the UK Prime Minister’s resignation - using synthetic media technology to put climate activist Vanessa Nakate’s voice into Liz Truss’ mouth to spread her message on climate injustice and the need for a loss and damage fund found a wider audience. The idea has already caught the attention of her fellow activist Greta Thunberg.

Alastair Mills, Joint Executive Creative Director at Impero, says: “It’s been slipping off the agenda for too long. From Coca-Cola announcing its farcical sponsorship of COP27 to the devastating floods in Pakistan, we’ll be putting loss and damage at the heart of the conversation and ensuring it doesn’t get ignored.”

Kelly Badal, Strategy Director at Impero, said: “The truth is that the loss and damage fund has been slipping down the agenda of those in power, so to ensure it wasn’t ignored again, our campaign sets out to hijack conversations around climate change and COP27, highlighting the significance of the injustice and get UK citizens to help us pressure the government.”

Vanessa Nakate, climate justice activist from Uganda, added “I almost never hear leaders talk about the loss and damage caused by the climate crisis. We need to do everything we can to make sure this issue is moved up the agenda and ensure the demands for compensation from those of us on the frontlines are heard loud and clear.”

Pete Moorey, Head of Campaigns and UK Advocacy, added: “Nations like the UK have done the most historically to cause the climate crisis, but it is the most vulnerable communities globally that are facing the gravest consequences. By creating an international climate fund, paid by the biggest polluters, we can tackle the damage caused by the climate crisis and help people build a life free from poverty and injustice.”