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Matalan Spreading a Little Love

As one of the original loyalty card retailers, we were well aware of Matalan’s huge customer base. We were tasked with injecting some warmth and personality into the brand, and with acknowledging and rewarding the loyalty of its customer’s; all with a view to driving an uplift in sales.

We were conscious that Matalan customers were in all likelihood, already awash with reward scheme communications, and could well be cynical about the validity, and the value of any retailer promises. We decided straight away that any scheme we launched would not only deliver on its promises, but with our added care and attention, who’s to say it couldn’t ‘spread a little love’? Our CRM programme, with its fashion updates, sneak previews, and genuinely exclusive offers and discounts, achieved a conversational, chatty, and distinctly non salesy style, which led to some seriously impressive results.

Our Birthday card mailing saw an average 50% response rate, while our anniversary piece drove a 10% increase in spending.


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