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Keycamp/ Holidaycamp 'This is the Life'

Holidaybreak asked us to prove whether their business was in terminal decline, or if a new approach could bring growth and a return on investment.

Using TGI data overlaid with customer insight, we segmented our prospects into six main groups, and developed propositions for each. These included ... full on fun, explore & experience, cultural escapes and splash parks.

Digging around in the research, we soon realised the main concern for our target audience, the squeezed middle classes. When going on holiday, there’s always a compromise for someone in the family, isn’t there? It might be dad feeling cooped up, the kids being bored, or mum wanting a bit of peace and quiet. Whilst the kids are the priority, with all the pressures of modern parenting, mum and dad need a relaxing, recharging break too.

The good news is... with Keycamp EVERYONE gets a proper holiday.

Every second of our DRTV campaign tuned into this key truth. Each family member had their own voice, and told us what they loved the most about a Keycamp holiday.... whether it was the water parks, the outdoor space, or the nearby attractions – you could be sure of having a happy family time together, without compromising as an individual. ‘This is the Life’ was warm, optimistic, engaging and inclusive.

We were tasked with turning business around in a season... and we did just that. A phenomenal 70% increase in bookings year on year. 90% more visits to the Keycamp website and a 31% increase in unique web traffic.


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