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Visit Wales - using milestone moments to spark interest in Wales

Project Clients: Visit Wales


Visit Wales wanted to drive downloads of the new Visit Wales brochure and increase awareness among their target demographics: ‘pre family explorers and ‘active family explorers’.


Our strategy was to touch each target demographic with a milestone moment to spark their interest in Wales as a holiday destination. Our research and insight team combined data sources to identify primary drivers for each group. Analysis revealed that pre-family explorers are creative, spontaneous and adventurous. The key was to focus on the ease and freedom of a trip to Wales compared with going further afield. Active family explorers were self-effacing, but were driven to help their children succeed. For them we needed holiday ideas to focus on the potential for kids to learn new skills.

Google catalogue ads allowed us to target specific demographic sets and consumers interested in particular activities with highly relevant content. Mummy bloggers were invited to visit Wales with their kids and write about their experiences and we used promoted tweets, YouTube advertising and competitions to increase campaign reach further.


We generated brochure engagements 639% over target at a cost 8 times lower, just 12p.
Average pages viewed was 6 showing that users kept engaging with the content after they’d opened the brochure, conclusive proof that we’d effectively reached our target audience and put exactly the right content in front of them.
Reached 1.6 million on Twitter, 2.4 million on YouTube and 427k on influencer blogs