Mobile redrawn - how to make mobile more attractive for brands

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With the Mobile World Congress approaching, our own Matthias Kandel talked to The Drum about making mobile more attractive for brands

For mobile to become a more attractive proposition for brand advertisers, we have to look at two marketing disciplines that have seen rapid growth over the last years: content marketing and contextual advertising – as well as what makes the intersection of the two so interesting.

Today, brands expect razor sharp targeting to reach their audiences in the right context. At the same time, they want to tell their stories through compelling digital experiences. They want to showcase their products or services with immersive content that delivers on long-term goals, such as building brand affinity.

Facebook’s new ad format ‘Canvas’ may not be the holy grail, but it’s a step towards what could become a really interesting offer. Designed for mobile, it combines a rich content experience with sophisticated targeting. We can and should expect more experimentation with mobile ad formats in the future to drive innovation in this area.

Matthias Kandel is a Senior Strategist for Hugo & Cat