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Instagram is giving everyone story link stickers and here’s why you should be excited

by Jade Halstead

October 29, 2021

Previously swipe-up links on Instagram have been reserved for accounts with 10k+ followers or verified accounts, but with Instagram becoming more inclusive and aiming to support businesses and creators, giving every one link stickers is a feature we can all take advantage of.

Firstly, we all know from research (just Google) and personal experiences that the easier the route from a to b, the more likely reaching the destination will be. So, when this comes to directing people to a link from your stories, if you’re sending people to your bio, then a linktree, then finally the link, there are plenty of barriers and opportunities for dropouts.

I mean, 3 steps to visit one link is a bit much! 🙄

However, with link stickers, it becomes a much easier route and the decision to visit the link becomes a much easier one to make.

Secondly, working with nano-influencers has just become a lot more lucrative. With highly-engaged followers and a cheaper price-tag than micro/macro-influencers , nano-influencers have always been seen as good opportunities to brands.

But now, with nano-influencers being able to direct their audience straight to the brand's destination of choice, working with them becomes a no-brainer.

And finally, as a brand, you can finally post all of the links you want and your stories to sale conversion rate might just increase

For example, if you sell dresses... You can post a catwalk story for each dress and have a link that directs you to that item in your store.

You can encourage people to watch all of your stories and then click on their favourite to shop it.

Still haven’t got link stickers?

Don’t lose hope just yet, with 500 million daily users, Instagram is rolling out link stickers to all accounts as we type so you may have to wait a few days. But, here are a few tips you can try to speed things up:

Update your app

Delete and re-download your app

Good old turn your phone on and off again

Didn’t work? Don’t worry…

They’ll be with you soon.

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