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How To Tap Into the Potential of Search Marketing

by Vincent Wood

March 9, 2022

Here’s a crazy statistic for you: 15% of Google searches seen every day have never been googled before. This factoid comes courtesy of Rajan Patel, the VP of Engineering at Google.

Beyond just being an interesting little factoid, what this seemingly innocuous information gives us is an incredible insight into the search habits of the general population. Just think about it for a second, this means just under one in seven searches a day has never been looked up before. This may just be in how the person in question has phrased the question (and could be a sad indictment of how good the general population’s language skills are) but it also speaks to the eternal curiosity of humanity as a whole.

In an ever-changing, ever-evolving world where technology moves quickly and current affairs move even quicker, people want to learn about what is happening around them and they want that information as rapidly as possible. This also shows the incredible potential for search growth. So how can businesses and organisations make the most of this search data when every seventh search is something entirely new?

Using SEO to target keywords is a great place to start with this as, although you can’t possibly pre-emptively know what a potential client, customer or user is going to ask, you can identify keywords that they are likely to be searching for and target other words and phrases around that, increasing the likelihood that they’ll find what they’re looking for from you.

Combine this with a content strategy that follows the ‘they ask, you answer’ practice, where you answer all potential questions that could come up, yes - including the awkward ones about cost, and you start to build a level of trustworthiness that sees your website as a great place to find answers on your given topic. You’ll then start to build a userbase that sees you as experts in that field and are therefore more inclined to come to you for product advice or purchases in the aforementioned field.

Once this expertise has been established, you can also start to utilise Digital PR campaigns to link more people to your page so they too can start to benefit from your knowledge on the subject. In particular, reactive campaigns can capture the zeitgeist of a given moment for you by making the most of when something new or exciting happens and you can have content that addresses the issue that everyone is suddenly talking about. These reactive campaigns can then generate links to your site by associating the content with this moment in time so when people search for that hot topic, you’re right there!

So, whilst the world may be searching for new and different things each and every day, you can still find ways to guide people to the right content – your content, and cement yourself as the go-to source for your niche.

With Honcho’s Organic Performance overview, we can use SEO, Content and Digital PR in a symbiotic manner where they work in tandem with one another to help build your brand presence online.

Alternatively, we can use these teams individually to target specific key areas for your business to focus on.

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