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Benefits of Digital PR

by Jade Halstead

September 1, 2022

Digital PR forms a key pillar of our creative search marketing initiative that fulfils more than just one objective. It’s also an integral part of our Organic Performance strategy, for not only brand awareness, but to support SEO efforts.

Digital PR campaigns can achieve great results for brand awareness and promoting brand engagement as well as sharing stories that connect with people by educating and informing. From a technical perspective, referral traffic will be increased, and links will be generated to support SEO goals and increase domain authority.

Our clients range from automotive to e-commerce brands, and often seek Digital PR as a service to be more in-line with their major competitors, and eventually surpass them. This can be done by improving the sites DA, trust flow, and citation flow by utilising high quality, industry-relevant backlinks.

What is Digital PR?

The term ‘PR’ is thrown around a lot within marketing, but it isn’t just another buzzword. PR, or Public Relations, is a creative, powerful and tactical way to drive results for your brand/business.

A strong PR strategy can help you connect with your audience, build brand awareness, raise your brand’s reputation, and also support your wider marketing goals/efforts.

What is the difference between traditional PR and Digital PR?

As mentioned above, public relations is a great tool for building brand awareness.

Digital PR has more SEO benefits than traditional PR and the campaigns are often driven by link building.

Traditional PR is more focused on brand awareness and can include non-digital approaches.

What are the benefits of Digital PR?

Generate links to support SEO goals.

Promote brand engagement.

Share stories that connect with people.

Building authority.

Getting yourself in front of your target audience.

Driving referrals and traffic.

What are the benefits of reactive Digital PR?

Use proprietary data.

Emphasise new product launches but tie it into a hook.

We do this by attaching these posts to topics of high general interest: Seasons, Trends, Pop Culture, Celebrity etc.

Change wording of content from ‘Reasons to’ to ‘How to’, utilising expertise in the market to create evergreen guides that a journalist can reference.

Benefits of external followed links

A followed link is a backlink that sends indications to search engine crawlers to follow the hyperlink. These followed links push SEO value through the link and boost the page ranking by passing authority and trustworthiness.

Earn authority.

Increase brand awareness.

Earn links that get clicks and drive referral traffic.

Puts your business in front of your target audience.

Add credibility.

Benefits of external no follow links

A no-follow link is not as valuable as a followed link as it does not ask search engine crawlers to follow the link and indicates that the link should not affect the ranking of the page, therefore the SEO value cannot be pushed through the link. While no follow links don’t pass on any ‘link juice’, they are by no means useless and have a series of benefits for Digital PR.

Increase brand awareness.

Driving traffic.

They can be converted to followed links.

They can’t be part of your backlink profile but they do drive traffic and potentially referrals.

Can help improve domain authority.

Benefits of mentions

A mention is when a publication mentions the brand but doesn’t include a link through to the site. While there are no SEO results from a brand mention, they are still a great way to increase your brand awareness and online reputation. Similar to no-follow links, these can often lead to a backlink later down the line.

Increase brand awareness.



A stat from a survey Censuswide recently conducted to understand news consumption in 2022:

“Over 20 million Brits trust a brand more when they see it mentioned in a publication and 3 in 5 will look for articles on a specific brand before purchasing from them”


If you're curious about how to create a digital PR Campaign, we've created another article for you to read.

Digital PR service

At Honcho our Digital PR team works within our Organic Performance team as a key service to boost a brands online reputation and build brand awareness while feeding into wider SEO strategies to achieve high DA backlinks from topically relevant sites.

These objectives work together to increase domain authority and grow trust and citation flows to improve overall rankings.


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