Misspelled States. How we got Transcription Outsourcing featured in BuzzFeed and The Washington Times within hours

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Business Challenge:

Business Challenge:

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC provides high-quality law enforcement transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription, financial and business transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription services to clients across the United States.

The founder was looking to scale through link building and PR, and we knew just how to do it…

How We Solved It:

As the act of transcribing is word-based, we wanted to create a campaign that was industry-specific and tied in well with the company’s needs. And what’s more word-based than spelling?

The first thing we did was collect data with the help of our Data and Insights Team by analysing Google Trends for the most commonly searched ‘How To Spell…’ US states. Using this, we were able to work with Transcription Outsourcing to create a landing page for the campaign; a blog post detailing ‘The Most Commonly Typoed States: According to Google’, alongside a brand new map of the United States with all of the states labelled as their most common misspellings.

We completed the campaign by creating some on-brand graphics and imagery to share across the world and launched soon after.


Within hours, we’d secured placements in Mental Floss and The Washington Times (both print and online). The campaign then went on to gain placements in Fox13, MassLive, and Buzzfeed even turning it into a quiz! We managed to gain links and coverage in new referring domains for our client, whilst building a diverse backlink profile.


Fox 13


Washington Times

Mental Floss

Mass Live

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