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Top 3 reasons for media owners and buyers to adopt a DOOH ad server

March 20, 2023

The dynamic and fast evolving digital out of home (DOOH) industry is experiencing continued growth, with the current projection indicating a global annual growth rate of over 13%. As a result, both media owners and buyers are looking for more sophisticated and advanced solutions to power their existing strategies. As the DOOH advertising landscape continues to evolve, the need for unified solutions becomes more evident. More options are now becoming available for DOOH publishers to drive revenue and within this growth, and with this influx of options, the ability to optimize and maximize yield is taking priority.

Much like its use in digital, an intelligent DOOH ad server can add value by streamlining the management of screen networks and optimization of campaigns offering a unified platform that can help publishers achieve critical KPIs.

Here are the top three reasons why media owners today should adopt a DOOH ad server.

1. Increase revenue and maximize publisher yield

A DOOH ad server will enable media owners to diversify their revenue streams and increase demand sources. In addition, it will further simplify the process of media planning and management while at the same time maximizing yield, allowing publishers to easily manage both programmatic and directly sold campaigns within one consolidated solution.

This in turn opens up the opportunity for media owners to determine how their DOOH screens can be monetized by using a variety of controls and monitoring tools that optimize effectiveness and maximize revenue sources. Using this approach, media owners can combine traditional strategies with new innovative technology for optimal scheduling, ad serving and pacing but at the same time unlock unparalleled data-driven solutions such as targeting and measurement.

2. Decrease cost of ad operations

Another key benefit is the opportunity to lower the cost and overall work applied to ad operations while optimizing returns by taking advantage of the automation and unification of numerous (and often manual) tasks.

A modern DOOH ad server streamlines operations by providing turnkey solutions across scheduling, campaign monitoring and reporting, eliminating the need for tedious manual uploads and processes. The ad server not only centralizes the ad buying and selling process but it also accelerates the sales process leveraging automation and algorithms that are imperative to remain agile in this competitive advertising ecosystem. The advantage? Reduced timelines and resources and overall improved operational efficiency.

3. Unparalleled targeting options

Through advanced audience, geolocation and contextual targeting, the ad server also improves accuracy and impact of DOOH campaigns - both sold direct and/or programmatically.

An intelligent DOOH ad server makes it simple for a media owner to sell targeted, custom audiences more precisely and deliver impression-based campaigns with a more data-driven approach. This includes targeting across custom audience segments, predefined audience segments to contextual targeting with custom event triggers such as weather conditions, traffic or sports game scores as well as location and audience density in proximity to a screen. To ensure campaign outcomes are met, DOOH ad servers provide valuable in-flight campaign monitoring and metrics in addition to post-campaign reporting.

A successful DOOH ad server case study

Media owner Direct West sought to measure awareness and purchase intent towards advertiser SaskMilk Armstrong Cheese and to analyze and measure brand perception post-campaign. Delivering over six million impressions across the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, the overall success of the campaign was measured via a post-campaign brand lift study which revealed that all target KPIs were met successfully and resulted in an impressive +3500% lift in brand recall.

In summary, the introduction of world-leading ad tech has changed the landscape of the DOOH channel. With many new ways of driving revenue, publishers are faced with a crucial opportunity to future-proof the management and optimization of their DOOH inventory to increase revenue, maximize yield and drive future success.

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