Samsung Malaysia, The Trade Desk & Hivestack: lighting up Malaysia with programmatic digital out of home (DOOH)

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Leading electronics corporation leveraged dayparting to activate high impact creatives on DOOH screens targeting consumers at selected time of day in multiple cities.

Samsung Malaysia activated a programmatic DOOH campaign to gain audience insights and increase awareness and purchase intent of their new generation of A Series phones, the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G, which include new day and night features. Samsung ran a data-driven, geo-targeted, programmatic DOOH campaign by serving targeted and contextually relevant creatives. Hivestack, in partnership with The Trade Desk., enabled Samsung Malaysia to connect with target audiences in a cost efficient way and deliver relevant ads to key locations, according to the time of the day.

Dayparting capabilities were applied to serve custom creatives, showcasing their new day and night features to stores nationwide.

The campaign was activated in Malaysia across 50 premium programmatic DOOH locations for the first time, and utilized Laguna & Big Tree’s large format digital roadside billboards (Cubig, Cubig Series, Billboard Laguna screens).

Harnessing the flexible, dynamic and creative nature of programmatic DOOH, Samsung Malaysia was not only able to target key audience segments with The Trade Desk’s DSP, they were able to dynamically serve 105 versions of day and night creatives seamlessly across 50 screens, featuring different Samsung phone features such as Samsung Wallet, Quick Share and Nightography. Furthermore, The Trade Desk platform provided consumers insights from time of day and day of week with the highest traffic which helped Samsung to validate their hypothesis on their consumers’ behavior.

Leveraging the Hivestack platform, creatives were served at the best possible times when there was a high concentration of target audiences in close proximity to the DOOH screen. Real-time targeting was also activated in terms of dayparting, where Nightography ads were run at night (6pm – 6am), while other ads were run in the day (6 am – 6 pm).

The campaign was a great success and delivered over 3 million impressions. Other key takeaways include:

2.1M users were reached in Malaysia from April 28th – June 30th. Ads were played 43k times across 50 screens

Top performing screens were: Cubig Series at Jalan Bangsar, Cubig Series at Sultan Ismail, Cubig at Sultan Ismail, Cosmic Tower at KL Sentral, Cubig Series at Bukit Bintang

The highest footfall was recorded during peak commute hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 am - 11 am and 6 pm - 9 pm

Harnessing the flexibility of programmatic DOOH, it accommodated multiple rounds of creative additions and updates in a short period of time

“We aimed to test and harness the technology capabilities of programmatic DOOH to deliver a high impact product launch. Key audience segments were targeted with The Trade Desk’s DSP and through Hivestack’s SSP, it enabled us to differentiate our day and night creatives. By increasing contextual relevance with dynamic ads, the campaign results were incredible. Flexibility, dynamic and measurable - 3 benefits how brands can get ahead and gain a competitive edge with programmatic DOOH!” - Agnes Wong, Head of Media and Digital Marketing at Samsung Electronics

Programmatic DOOH has the power to elevate your brand and media strategy with captivating displays that engage key audiences at the right place and time. It steps onto the center stage, offering a data-driven and measurable way of outdoor advertising. Through the Hivestack SSP, we were able to leverage dynamic creative capabilities, access large impact billboards efficiently, and optimize our campaign budget without compromising scale, precision, or measurement” – Karla Domingo, Associate Digital Director at Starcom Malaysia