M&S Goodmove & Hivestack: leveraging in-store data on DOOH screens

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Leading British retailer utilized contextually relevant and dynamic creatives to feature stock availability at nearest stores

Core Objective
During the pandemic, many consumers began reprioritizing healthy exercising habits. Seeing the continuation of this trend post-COVID, M&S decided to launch a campaign to increase their brand awareness and make their Goodmove sportswear collection top of mind for customers engaging in outdoor and in-home physical activity.

Hivestack, Mindshare, Kinetic (Sightline), VIOOH, Global and DOOH.com worked together to bring a savvy programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) campaign to life, targeting an audience segment of “Women interested in exercise and fitness”.

Using DOOH for maximum visibility, the programmatic activation enabled the campaign to tailor the messaging based on the time of day and location, in order to achieve an OOH media first. The dynamic creative was powered by M&S’s own first-party “stock” and sales data drawing attention to the latest available styles within the Goodmove collection.

The “In Stock” creative would display if any of the proximity stores had 10 or more units available, while the “Out of Stock” creative was activated if a participating store had 10 units or less. This advertising strategy also drove demand for future sales by playing on the desirability of the product. Furthermore, when stock was not available in-store, but it was online, an additional creative display was used to communicate “Available online”, proving the agility of the channel to serve real-time messaging.

The campaign generated fantastic results, over-delivering by 10% on the target audience across the UK, with the highest audience-impacting areas being London, Buckinghamshire, West Yorkshire, Shropshire and Essex. Creatively, the key product ads were delivered for the majority of the campaign, with the “Out of Stock” ads visible roughly 15% of the time.

As a result of the hour-by-hour buy, and the integration with data partner Sightline, a huge 46% uplift in target audience reach was achieved when compared against the average distribution of audience in targeted areas.

The campaign has won the award “Tech as Part of a Campaign: Retail” at Campaign Tech Awards 2023.