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The risk that iOS 14 poses to Facebook and Instagram advertising

by Susie Hood

January 20, 2021

iOS 14 could potentially mean a reduction in Facebook advertising revenue of up to 60%! If businesses don’t prepare for what’s coming to try and mitigate the potential damage, it could have a huge impact on their bottom line.

With changes to app permissions that require users to explicitly opt-in to allowing an app to track their data, this has an impact on many parts of paid social advertising, including significant targeting and audience relevancy limitations, black holes in tracking and attribution and alterations to the ways that ads need to be set up and managed.

Hitsearch’s head of paid media, Paul O’Connor, says,

“Whilst the decision by Apple is well within their rights as a platform owner to implement, the change is conspicuous given Apple’s own ad platform is not subject to this change. However, by the same token, privacy is an increasingly front-of-mind topic amongst consumers where there is a general push towards more control over consent. In any case, it is therefore incumbent on the industry to manage this change and adapt accordingly.”

We can help you prepare as much as is possible for the continued roll out of iOS 14 and the impact this may have on your Facebook and Instagram advertising efficiency and return. Discover more about what iOS 14 will mean for Facebook Advertising and your business.


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