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Using Neuromarketing through biometrics to increase insurance policy volumes

by Susie Hood

The challenge

We were asked by Ripe Insurance to raise the conversion rate of visitors to the website that completed a quote. This was a challenge because Ripe Insurance have a well-established website already, with a good conversion rate. Using advanced biometric technologies to really get under the skin of the target customer, we knew we had the knowledge, tools and skills needed to significantly increase Ripe Insurance’s overall revenue as part of our legal marketing services.

Our solution

Recruited 10 musicians, who were touring or signed to a record label, to align perfectly with Ripe’s chosen demographic. Once we’d found our participants, it was time to utilise our neuromarketing expertise, to get a better understanding of why these potential customers were making particular decisions whilst using the Ripe insurance website.

We used eye-tracking, to see the Ripe Insurance brand through the eyes of their customers. EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain when looking at Ripe’s music insurance product, we left no stone unturned when assessing how well Ripe’s website is tailored to their target audience as part of this insurance marketing project, incorporating elements of SEO for insurance brokers alongside the conversion optimisation.

We even used facial coding, which effectively measured the movement of facial muscles, revealing the response of the subconscious, to ensure we’d really dug down deep.

The results

Our test results were expertly analysed, and we used this data to provide a series of recommendations. These included some changes for Ripe Insurance to make to the website design, layout, forms and overall user journey towards requesting a quote.

  • 11.73% in conversion rate
  • £7,500 increase in monthly policy revenue
  • 45X ROI


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Ripe Insurance