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PUMA Football has just launched its "Anthem" pack, featuring new versions of PUMA Future and PUMA ONE boots, in a masterful campaign conceived and orchestrated by the Paris-based LAFOURMI agency around remixing football and music: "Find Your Flow". The brand PUMA has always been present in football lovers’ lives, both on and off the field. The world’s greatest ever players, have worn the colors of the brand. Today, it supplies sportswear to the most charismatic footballers of our time: Agüero, Suarez, Reus, Balotelli, David Silva, recent ​Ballon d’Or ​ winner Ada Hegerberg, along with French World Champions Antoine Griezmann and Samuel Umtiti.

The campaign

PUMA’s Ambassadors inspired the agency's creatives to imagine a campaign in which each player defined their version of "Flow", and played their part in a musical symphony conducted by DJ Snake. On the musical stage, "Flow" is a unique blend of technical skill and personality. On the pitch, “Flow” is the gift that singles out the great players from the good. The agency therefore gave shape to the “Flow” of each player, mixing music and football culture, creating for each a unique visual and musical landscape, including: album title, album cover, an original track created by DJ V!Ktor, and a music video. These albums, which go with playlists curated by each player, are to be discovered exclusively on the campaign’s partner platform,​ ​Spotify​.

Antoine Griezmann: Aka Grizi

Samuel Umtiti: Big Sam

Mario Balotelli: Unpredictable

Luis Suarez: Rage for football

Kun Agüero: Kun Kun Kun

David Silva: Master of Tempo

Ada Hegerberg: Gold or nothing

Romelu Lukaku: Bulletproof

Marci Reus: For my people

Jan Oblak: Oblok

Axel Witsel: Magic in the hair