UN OCHA: Digital Transformation & Social Media Strategy

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Hey Honey was brought onto the OCHA communications team between February and April 2022 to consult on digital transformation and content creation for the OCHA corporate and USG social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

After completing a review of all digital channels, content and reporting/analytics, Hey Honey was brought onto implement a framework for reporting, monitoring and analytics to help streamline processes and give the communications team guidelines to stick to over the coming months.

Hey Honey was initially brought onto implement Sprout Social and set up the whole team with a process that allowed them to be agile and learn from their testing of different thematic content, different content formats and bringing their channels into today’s social world. Ultimately, with the goal to grow audiences, attract more interest from NGOs, UN partners and donors as well as increase engagement of content across the board.

● Implementation of Sprout Social - onboarding the team and implementing the tool.
● Set up and management of weekly/monthly downloads of analytics to learn & react
● Setting up tagging processes to identify consistencies with high-performing thematic
content, consistencies with content formats like video vs graphics etc. and consistencies with audiences that are engaging with OCHA content.
● Streamline processes and coordinate team members to work more efficiently together.
● Content Creation - videos, stills, and graphics.
● Campaign Creation
● Content Curation

Within the 3 months of working with OCHA, we increased the average engagement rate of
all content from 2.3% to 2.9%, which is a 29% increase compared to the 3 months before.
The communities across all platforms increased by 7.6% and we had a net audience growth
of 97,802, which was an 18% increase compared to the previous 3 months. We increased
their total engagements by 16% compared to the 3 months before.

We introduced, encouraged, and created new and higher-performing content over the 3
months such as Reels and carousels on Instagram, PDF carousels on LinkedIn, animated
slideshows on Facebook, and carousels with link previews on Twitter. We also designed
assets with a more fresh, young look. Some of our highest-performing content was simple
solidarity and activist posts. Examples:

Yoko Ono, Imagine peace fundraiser for CERF
International Humanitarian Law Explained and on TikTok
International Humanitarian Law Explained Part 2 same post on LinkedIn (18% ER)
Earth Day Solidarity
Say yes to Yemen GIF
Climate Crisis solidarity card

Hey Honey created and curated content for partner collabs, pledging conferences, USG missions, global humanitarian overviews and humanitarian response plans. We streamlined the activity of the social team by creating activation templates and design templates that can be
replicated for every activation. We developed content for key themes that advocate for
OCHA’s mandate - such as the protection of civilians and International Humanitarian Law as
well as contributed ideas and created content formats for the Ukraine flash appeal in March,
of which 88% was funded at the time of the project and $1.2 billion was collected to distribute aid to the people in need.

To manage the project, weekly and monthly analytics scrums in which we learned from the data and optimised our content outputs to fit what the data is telling us. Collaborating closely with the multimedia and design team, we adjusted their content strategy to exude a younger, fresher and more engaging style.

Hey Honey also helped to map our OCHA’s communities - by discovering audience typologies that live on the different platforms. Our research found that whilst Twitter and LinkedIn consist of OCHA’s humanitarian, media and donor target audience, Instagram and Facebook consist of OCHA’s Enlightened Globalist target audience - therefore we devised content plans and provided a tailored posting approach to content themes and content types to improve engagement across all content.