Social for Good: Imagine5's Positive Storytelling Revolution - Inspiring Change, One Story at a Time

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The Social for Good series invites marketers from agencies, brands, organizations, and NGOs that have a clear mission to improve the world we live in

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In a world where the climate crisis and global challenges dominate, Imagine5 stands out as a beacon of positivity and hope. A key player in this transformative storytelling revolution is Nicolai Hansson, the Director of Storytelling, bringing two decades of television experience to the forefront. Nicolai's career has been defined by producing impactful television fundraisers, channeling his passion into alleviating poverty in Africa, supporting cancer research, and aiding Ukraine. His commitment to making a small yet meaningful difference aligns with Imagine5's positive approach to storytelling, driving the organization's mission to inspire positive change and empower individuals toward a more sustainable future.

Imagine5's mission is clear: to inspire and empower people to lead more sustainable lives. The organization achieves this through positive storytelling that showcases individuals already making a difference, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. In speaking with Nicolai, the emphasis was very much on the importance of communal support in the journey toward sustainability. His phrase, "You're not alone in this", came up many times throughout our conversation.

Imagine5 believes in the power of small changes, recognizing that a more sustainable world is built through collective efforts. “There are many media outlets telling the stories of everything that’s wrong in the world (which is important!), but there’s also a need for people to see a path forward. Something to strive and aim for. At Imagine5 we want to be a part of showing people the outline of a potential future which is more sustainable and more desirable to live in.”

Positive Storytelling as a Catalyst for Change

In a landscape where many narratives conjure up fear and concern, positive storytelling can serve as a catalyst for behavioral change. Imagine5 focuses on presenting opportunities and potential gains rather than dwelling on what to avoid. "We believe that is a much more powerful catalyst for change for most people," says Nicolai.

This positive approach taps into the diverse motivations that drive individuals. While some are spurred to action by the fear of negative consequences, others find inspiration in the prospect of creating something better. Positive storytelling, as employed by Imagine5, appeals to the latter, emphasizing the positive actions and solutions that individuals can adopt.

“I’ve come to realise that complaining doesn’t necessarily solve problems”, David Byrne

Navigating climate alarmism is hard! Imagine5 has to tackle the challenge of delivering positive narratives without downplaying the gravity of global issues with a thoughtful and strategic approach. Nicolai emphasized that the organization refrains from sugar-coating the state of the world. Instead, Imagine5 chooses to spotlight stories that showcase progress and positive initiatives. When addressing challenging issues related to the climate crisis, the focus is on what's being done to effect change and how individuals can contribute. By steering away from stories that lack a positive angle, Imagine5 ensures that its narratives are not just about problems but also about actionable solutions. This careful curation drives forward the commitment to maintaining awareness of the issues while inspiring hope and empowering audiences to be part of the solution.

The Power of Collective Change

In the pursuit of inspiring behavioral change towards sustainable living, Imagine5 strategically identifies and understands its target audience, by tailoring positive narratives to resonate on a deeper level. Their overarching goal is to empower individuals to embrace more sustainable lifestyles, advocating for the cumulative impact of numerous people making small changes.

Understanding the power of collective action, they focus on a broad audience, but the narrative targets a significant demographic: individuals in their 30s and 40s in the Western world. This group, often with the means to own homes, multiple cars, and engage in extensive travel, possess the capacity to make substantial contributions to environmental betterment. By appealing to their shared experiences and aspirations, Imagine5 seeks to instigate impactful changes in behavior.

The stories Imagine5 craft are designed to engage this demographic, recognizing their potential to make a considerable difference. Whether contemplating the purchase of an electric vehicle, implementing energy-efficient upgrades in their homes, adopting plant-based diets, or reevaluating holiday choices, they strive to present opportunities that align with their lifestyles.

Recognizing that climate-related content can sometimes feel like an additional burden, Imagine5 chose a different approach. Their narratives do not impose a sense of obligation but rather integrate sustainability seamlessly into areas of existing interest, such as lifestyle, fashion, music, sports, and food. By intertwining the message of sustainability with topics already captivating our audience, we aim to make the journey towards eco-conscious choices feel natural and enjoyable.

They believe that the most effective catalyst for change is a positive and relatable narrative - one that transforms sustainability from a perceived obligation into a natural part of our audience's daily lives.

Imagine5 proudly presents articles and content crafted in partnership with influential figures in the sustainability space. From their collaboration with outdoor activist Pattie Gonia to the innovative food creations of the low-waste chef Max La Manna, each piece tells a story of inspiration and transformation. A few must-reads and watches:

Who says style and purpose can’t go hand in hand? Photo: Karen K. Wang

Why Being so Positive Presents a Challenge

One of the key challenges Imagine5 has encountered in its mission to promote positive narratives is the inherent appeal of negative news. Negative stories tend to capture more attention, both from media outlets and the audience. It’s deeply rooted in human psychology, where survival instincts have trained us to be hyper-aware of potential threats. Additionally, negative events like wars and natural disasters often unfold rapidly, achieving immediate attention over positive news.

Positive developments, such as the growth of green energy production or the surge of electric cars, often progress slowly and incrementally. While these advancements signify crucial tipping points, they may lack the immediacy that typically characterizes headline-worthy news. It's a challenge to convey the significance of these gradual positive changes within the conventional news narrative.

Choosing to focus exclusively on positive angles poses another challenge. There's a risk that audiences may perceive Imagine5 as oblivious to the challenges the world faces or, worse, as sugarcoating reality. In truth,they are acutely aware of the ongoing issues, especially concerning the climate crisis. However, their commitment lies in illuminating the inspirational stories and positive transformations already occurring worldwide.

Nicolai said “Our approach acknowledges the urgency of the climate crisis while emphasizing the importance of highlighting the progress being made. By showcasing the positive actions and solutions taking root, we strive to counterbalance the prevailing narrative of doom and gloom. It's a delicate balance, and our journey has taught us that, despite the challenges, the positive stories are not only essential but also a powerful force for driving meaningful change."

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As Imagine5 goes from strength to strength, the vision of the power of positive storytelling as a catalyst for meaningful behavioral change, has to consider the ever changing landscape of digital and social media. With a consistent goal in mind, Imagine5 strives to inspire and empower individuals to embrace more sustainable lives. By weaving sustainability into the fabric of everyday interests, Imagine5 aspires to engage and grow a global community that embraces positive change, turning the narrative of a sustainable future into a shared reality.

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