Hey Honey Partners With Regreener to Help Save The Planet

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Hey Honey believes that agencies have a big role to play in supporting organisations in their commitment to sustainability & corporate social responsibility

Hey Honey believes that agencies have a big role to play in supporting organisations in their commitment to sustainability & corporate social responsibility. Hey Honey is part of The Honey Partnership, a network of conscious creative people and companies. The mission is to move 100 organisations to embed commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Helping save the planet is not a one size fits all approach for people and organisations. Where some make big process or lifestyle changes, others take smaller steps in their journey. Either way, agencies, their teams, and their clients should all be supporting sustainability objectives. This is why Regreener is a key partner for Hey Honey in achieving impactful change.

But what exactly is Regreener? Well, that one is simple: they are a company whose mission is to help reverse climate change. And, for companies that want to make that change internally and with their clients, they’re the perfect partner for that.

Regreener works with companies who contribute monetarily to the cause. They choose the right projects for your brand and then help you track the impact you’ve had with an easy-to-follow customised dashboard. At Hey Honey, we also worked with them to set small sustainability goals we have implemented at the office—things like providing more vegetarian lunch options, going paperless, and adding more plants to our workspace.

Whatsmore, we can track our contribution in real-time. We know we’ve planted 108 trees since signing up, protected 10+ hectares of rainforest, and offset 15.08 tonnes of carbon. We’ve planted trees in Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, and protected the Amazon in Ecuador.

Our agency partnership with Regreener doesn’t just benefit us - we want to bring our clients on the journey and help them contribute to their sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives. They can follow the progress we are making and in turn, where their contributions are going. Regreener provides full visibility over the numbers and the specific programs and initiatives they are working with so clients can clearly set their own sustainability goals against them.

Helping clients work towards their net zero objectives and ensuring that our projects and productions are supported by a clear carbon reduction strategy and offsetting plan is a key part of our commitment to the UN SDGs. In conjunction with other programmes like EcoVadis, our sustainability rating platform, we want to provide on-going support for our clients and partners to define their sustainability values and work towards a better future.

Boris Bekkering, Regreener’s Head of Climate Impact says,

“ We are delighted that Regreener is now regreening the world together with Hey Honey. The focus of our cooperation will be on realising green impact on behalf of Hey Honey and their clients on a monthly basis. For each employee, climate positive projects are supported, and positive climate impact can be tracked in their online profile. By entering into this partnership, Hey Honey sends a strong message to the outside world: sustainability is an increasingly important topic for many companies, but Hey Honey is willing to take action”

Sustainability is one of Hey Honey’s top priorities and our partnership with Regreener helps get us and our clients’ one step closer to achieving sustainability targets. If you would like to know more about Hey Honey's sustainability initiatives & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, please contact Léa Enghelabi