Harman Kardon: Symphony of the Senses

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In 2019, HARMAN presented its first-ever Harman Kardon Suites event, a multi-sensory brand experience that showcased the essence of Harman Kardon through taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound

Created to showcase Harman Kardon as a brand dedicated to captivating the senses of the listener, the event took place in Berlin on September 20th with 300 exclusive guests. The evening presented an opportunity for our attendees to engage with the beautiful sound of Harman Kardon and the brand itself in entirely new ways, and spotlighted the power and value of creating unforgettable experiences.

Hey Honey concepted and produced a mini-documentary series to tell the stories of the events key contributors:

The Art Curator (Martin Butler)
The Sound Designer (Salvador Breed)
The Artist (Golden Globe winner & Grammy nominee, Andra Day).