Crocs: Little Big Collaboration

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In June 2021, Crocs Europe embarked upon the collaboration of a lifetime with Russian Pop band sensation, Little Big who's known for viral YouTube music videos that collect billions of views

The band was the Russian contender for the 2020 Eurovision, before it got cancelled. Back in 2020, the band still launched its Eurovision number, Uno on YouTube, which reached nearly 230 million views!

The band members, especially Ilya and Sonya, are huge fans of Crocs. Their videos exude the quirky and eccentric nature of the brand and the Little Big fanbase consists of European (and Asian) underground pop culture within the Gen Z and Millennial audiences so they were the perfect collab partner for Crocs.

The collab shoes were made of two key styles, one bubble gum pink and one punk rock rave style in black with studs and chains with etchings and markings from Little Big's clothing line. Huge Jibbitz with the band logo and teddy bears that symbolise the members could be attached to the shoes too.

The main and most important aim of the collaboration was to sell out within 24 hours. Alongside this, KPIs were set for driving email sign ups (aim 3,000), engagement rate (aim 5%), to uplift traffic on the site of launch day (aim 10%) and increase follower growth to the European Instagram channel (aim +5%). We were looking to overperform our standard monthly community increase metrics and achieve 5%+ growth in the month that the collab launched.

The launch campaign had to match the outrageousness of Little Big Crocs!


The results were beyond belief. The collection sold out in 1 HOUR in Japan, Russia and Europe! And in only 4 MINUTES in Korea!

The collab was featured in major media outlets mounting to over 620 million impressions, and caused quite the stir online with 35.8 million in influencer reach, a 75% open rate of the filter, 13% capture rate, 6%+ follower growth, 6% ER on branded content, 5.4k sign ups and 12% uplift in traffic to the website on launch day.

It's safe to say, we went a Little Big with this one!

Watch the case study video HERE.