Building Communities and Driving Engagement Across Europe for JBL

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JBL has always consistently stood out as a pioneer in the audio industry

With a rich history spanning several decades, JBL has solidified its position as a market leader, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering an unparalleled sound experience to its customers.

With a global presence and already loyal customer base, the challenge for JBL was to stay culturally relevant and grow its presence online to target new audiences globally. Hey Honey was hired to support the evolution from business to brand and produce highly engaging content that entertained new audiences and built communities.

Since 2018, Hey Honey has been entrusted as the social agency of record for JBL, the leading consumer lifestyle audio brand under Harman International.

Our primary objective was to utilise social media to amplify JBL's brand message and presence across Europe, build community, and establish the brand as a leader in music and culture.

1. Creating content that engages audiences: Hey Honey takes pride in concepting, producing, and managing highly engaging content across JBL's European social media channels. By continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity, we ensure that JBL remains at the forefront of culture, setting itself apart from competitors. We established a content hub based in Amsterdam, which acts as the central creative powerhouse, producing dynamic "always on" content for eight local JBL EMEA markets, including Germany, France, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

2. Leveraging Collaborations: Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. Hey Honey works closely with creators and influencers, forging meaningful partnerships to develop compelling content for in-feed posts. By harnessing the creativity and reach of these influencers, we effectively amplify JBL's brand message and engage with diverse audiences across Europe. This strategic collaboration not only helps to establish JBL as a brand that resonates with its target demographic but also ensures that our content is relatable and culturally relevant.

3. Seizing Cultural Moments: At Hey Honey, we recognize the significance of cultural moments and aim to capitalise on them to strengthen JBL's brand presence. We actively participate in and cover various festivals and events throughout Europe, capturing the essence of these experiences through fast-paced, visually stunning content. By embedding JBL in these cultural moments, we connect with audiences on a deeper level and generate authentic engagement. Our ability to create real-time content enables us to tap into the excitement and energy surrounding these events, fostering a sense of community among JBL enthusiasts.

4. Branded Content Campaigns: In addition to our day-to-day content creation, Hey Honey designs and executes impactful branded content campaigns for JBL. These campaigns are meticulously crafted to align with JBL's brand identity and messaging, while simultaneously resonating with the target audience. By leveraging storytelling and innovative visuals, we ensure that our campaigns capture attention, inspire action, and leave a lasting impression on consumers. These initiatives not only drive brand awareness but also contribute to the conversion of social media users into loyal JBL customers.

5. Innovation & testing: Brave client. Tried new methods and formats of production. New platforms: Instagram & Snapchat. From one format content format (image) to the utilisation of GIFs and geo-location filters across the summer of festival sponsorships

Hey Honey's efforts have yielded exceptional results for JBL in Europe. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2018, JBL's Instagram community went from 0 to 344K highly engaged followers. The adoption of new platforms like Instagram, growth of a new community, and content production & management for a European community of over 1 Million on Meta has facilitated the brand's reach to millions of users on a monthly basis across Europe, solidifying JBL's position as a leading audio brand within the region. Our tailored approach, combined with an always-on content strategy, has successfully nurtured an engaged and passionate community around JBL.

Through our creative and social media expertise, Hey Honey has played a pivotal role in propelling JBL's brand across Europe. By capitalising on social media platforms, we have fostered a sense of community, engaged with diverse audiences, and positioned JBL as a cultural influencer. The remarkable growth of JBL's social media community and the significant increase in brand visibility demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. Hey Honey is proud to have contributed to JBL's success and will continue to innovate and captivate audiences through our strategic social media initiatives.