ARMEDANGELS' DetoxDenim Like a Second Skin Collection

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In a world where fashion often prioritizes trends over ethics, ARMEDANGELS continues to communicate and promote sustainability and purpose-driven design. The recent partnership with Hey Honey to unveil the DetoxDenim Like a Second Skin Collection, presented by model Georgia May Jagger, highlights the brand's commitment to responsible practices from concept to consumer.

The campaign focuses on the intimate relationship between skin and denim. By likening denim to a second skin, we draw attention to the impact clothing choices have on individuals and the environment. This metaphor supports ARMEDANGELS ideology of creating garments that protect wearers and the planet.

Central to ARMEDANGELS' mission is its dedication to conscious production processes. They ensure that hazardous chemicals and the use of innovative techniques such as laser and ozone treatments, make the DetoxDenim line more environmentally responsible. In addition to this, the use of recycled and organic cotton demonstrates ARMEDANGELS' commitment to reducing its ecological footprint without compromising quality or style.

As the face of the spring DetoxDenim collection, Georgia May Jagger reinforces the timeless appeal and comfort of ARMEDANGELS' designs while championing the importance of making ethical fashion choices. Jagger's statement highlights the essence of the collection: sustainability should not be a sacrifice but rather a seamless integration into everyday style.

Nora Chmielewski, Head of Marketing & Communications at ARMEDANGELS says “the DetoxDenim Like a Second Skin Collection aims to show our dedication to creating fashion that not only looks good but also does good. Through our partnership with our social-first agency Hey Honey and Georgia May Jagger, the face of the collection, we’re not just promoting a new range of clothing, we’re championing a cause. Our campaigns are a call to action, urging consumers to consider the impact of their choices and join us to support a more sustainable future. Working with two partners that understand our cause is the key to the success of brands like ours.”

Since 2007, when ARMEDANGELS was established, they have been challenging industry norms and proving that style and ethics can work together. Through their partnership with Hey Honey and the launch of the DetoxDenim Like a Second Skin Collection, ARMEDANGELS continues to connect consumers to conscious fashion by communicating.

As consumers increasingly demand transparency and accountability from the fashion industry, ARMEDANGELS reminds us that fashion is not just about what we wear but also about the values we uphold.

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