ADNIGHT: creative juices are flowing through the Amsterdam Canals tonight

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Once a year, over 50 creative agencies in Amsterdam open up their doors for the evening and host workshops, creative sessions and panels to welcome talent, brand advertisers and marketers

It’s called ADNIGHT and it was started 4 years ago by a group of passionate agency-folk.

Hey Honey is participating in ADNIGHT for the first time as the new kids on the block. We’re a social creative agency and tonight we will be showing people what it means to be social-first in this traditional advertising world with:

18:30: WTF is social creative?

19:30: Meet the creators that make brands famous: a fireside chat with Thomas Brok and Quinty Misiedjan, who are two Instagram influencers and YouTube creators that boast nearly 790,000 subscribers between them.

ADNIGHT has partnered with lots of brands including Budweiser who provided each participating agency cases of beer for them and their guests.

We caught up with the Denise Willigers and Wybe Sallows from the ADNIGHTdnight team who are on a mission to let the world know about creative juices flowing through the Amsterdam Grachten. Here’s what they had to say:

Hey Denise and Wybe, so what is ADNIGHT and when/how did it start?

ADNIGHT is the biggest open night for the creative industry in Amsterdam. 50 agencies across Amsterdam open their doors, all organising their own programs to present themselves to marketeers, industry peers and young talent. The program consists of over 100 talks, workshops and activities.

Participating agencies range from full service, brand and digital agencies to music, film and post-production studios, design/innovation/social agencies and much more.

ADNIGHT started 4 years ago with the ambition to put a spotlight on the diversity of agencies in Amsterdam. A lot of small shops opened in recent years, while established agencies are constantly transforming. We wanted to stimulate knowledge sharing across these different agencies and people, because we felt the industry as a whole would benefit from understanding what everyone is doing and making.

What kind of things do creative agencies do during ADNIGHT?

There is almost too much going on during ADNIGHT. From keynote talks from Harry Roman at Accenture Interactive and Jean-Marie Dru at TBWA\NEBOKO, to workshops in animation and grading at Ambassador’s House of Craft and voice demonstrations at CODE D’AZUR. A full overview of all talks and activities can be found in our timetable on

What value do creative agencies in Amsterdam get out of ADNIGHT?

It is a great way of showing their agency culture, work and people to visiting marketeers, industry peers and talent. So it is a good opportunity to generate new business. And it is often used as a powerful recruitment tool in the raging war on talent. Besides that, all eyes of the industry are on the participating agencies and their program, so the PR value for agencies is great as well.

What value do marketers and advertisers get out of ADNIGHT?

For marketeers it is a low key way to explore different agencies and their specialty. Without writing out a pitch they can walk into any agency they are interested in and have a conversation with the people making the work. You get a far better understanding of what agencies actually do than any agency website will ever give them.

Who makes up the 5,000 guests that buy tickets for ADNIGHT?

It is a big mix of marketeers, industry peers and talent. With an increasing amount of people visiting from abroad. Last year we welcomed over 800 people from outside The Netherlands alone.

What's the best discussion/workshop/night an agency has put on at ADNIGHT?

It is hard to make a choice from all those different talks and activities. Agencies put in a lot of effort to put together the most amazing programs. Depending on your interests you can learn about strategy, youth culture, digital production and innovation, film production, design and much more. Our suggestion is to dive into the timetable and find out for yourself!

Why is WeTransfer an event partner of ADNIGHT?

This year, Wetransfer isn’t just our partner for the after party but joins us for the full event. The broader partnership arose from the joint ambition to get people out of their daily routine and to encourage them to go outside for inspiration. The opening of ADNIGHT will start at 5PM at Soho House Amsterdam where we kick the night of with a couple of talks about creativity and ideation. ADNIGHT closes traditionally with an afterparty at Paradiso to share experiences.

Credits to the rest of the team from ADNIGHT:

Claire Daemen (Sr Account Manager @ Isobar),

Dirk Jan de Krom (Account Manager @ Achtung!),

Wybe Sallows (Strategy Director @ Code d'Azur),

Denise Willigers (Head of Business Development @ DPPLR)