A WOW-inducing social-first brand & content strategy for Henkel

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Hey Honey's collaboration with Henkel resulted in a groundbreaking social-first brand and content strategy for the SYOSS brand that has truly wowed its audience

Hey Honey's collaboration with Henkel resulted in a groundbreaking social-first brand and content strategy for the SYOSS brand that has truly wowed its audience. The essence of WOW hair is all about standing out throughout the day, feeling like a superstar, and exuding confidence without reservation. SYOSS epitomises this WOW hair, and Hey Honey's task was to craft a unique content strategy that would set SYOSS apart from other brands and keep it ahead of digital trends.

At the heart of the strategy was the objective to maintain consistency in SYOSS' communication across various channels. To achieve this, Hey Honey developed a comprehensive Tone of Voice guide, which not only educated the brand, digital, and local marketing managers but also extended to external partners such as agencies. This guide ensured that SYOSS spoke in a confident, empowering, and revitalizing manner, aligning with the brand's key emotional benefits.

SYOSS represents a strong, empowered, and confident woman who exudes self-love and helps others embrace their individuality. Residing in the city, her ultimate delight is experiencing a 'Good hair day'.

The content strategy was built around showcasing SYOSS as the ultimate hair expert at home, empowering individuals to own their stage. This involved creating content pillars that included WOW transformations and empowering poses, captivating close-ups of product textures and applications, highlighting stunning ingredients and Japanese heritage, and curating a predominantly black SYOSS universe. The strategy also celebrated those hair envy moments and struck a perfect balance between elegance and relatability.

To bring this strategy to life, Hey Honey focused on captivating videos with seamless transitions, snappy tutorials, and awe-inspiring WOW hair transformations. Leveraging current social media trends, these videos aimed to engage the audience further.

In addition to videos, captivating still images played a significant role in grabbing the audience's attention. These images showcased the product benefits, ingredients, and the amazing results of using SYOSS products while offering practical guidance on their usage.

To maintain an engaging presence on Instagram, Hey Honey curated SYOSS IG highlights that aligned with the brand's content pillars. These highlights offered a comprehensive view of the entire SYOSS universe, featuring WOW hair content, product spotlights, Japanese beauty inspiration, tutorials, expert advice, and user-generated content.

Hey Honey's social-first brand and content strategy for SYOSS successfully captivated the audience, setting a new standard in the digital space. With a confident and empowering voice, SYOSS truly became the go-to hair expert at home, inspiring individuals to embrace their uniqueness and shine brightly on their own stage.