Thank You Rugby

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As the title partner of England Rugby’s CBRE All Schools programme, which is committed to delivering a real rugby legacy to England, they approached hedgehog lab alongside England Rugby to design and develop a campaign web app

In 2016, CBRE and England Rugby are celebrating the fact that 100 schools have graduated from the CBRE All Schools programme. This web app allows schools and the general public to thank rugby for what the sport has given them.

The app, which went live on Monday 23rd May, aims to bring the entire rugby community across England together. It was used to celebrate the positive impact that rugby has on schools, students, individuals and communities on Sunday 29th May, coinciding with the capped England vs Wales match at Twickenham Stadium.

Anyone actively involved with rugby, at any level, is able to change their profile picture to feature a special ‘Thank You Rugby’ message. They can also personalise their cover photo by selecting a single attribute that they feel rugby has given them, from a selection of over ten options. These include advantages such as ‘Confidence’, ‘Determination’, ‘Skills’, ‘Friendship’ and ‘Respect’, which will remain there for as long as the user wishes.

Our team was delighted to work on this project, and seized the challenge of turning it around in a short timeframe, to coincide with the dates of the campaign. Working twice as fast as usual, we were able to deliver it in under a month, and the client was thrilled with the results.