United Nations - Global social media campaigns reaching more than 15 million targeted individuals

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The UN Free & Equal campaign team required the support of their ethical digital marketing partner to work together on raising LGBT rights awareness of more than 15 million users through the integrated platforms

Hallam created the Facebook and Youtube social media strategy which centred around selective audience promoting equal rights and the fair treatment of LGBT people.

How did the United Nations come to work with Hallam?

The UN Free & Equal campaign team needed an ethical digital marketing partner to design and deliver Facebook advertising and YouTube campaigns to increase the reach to their key target audiences.

Hallam’s Google Analytics data reveals the UN discovered our agency on LinkedIn.

The UN procurement team then visited our website and completed our standard enquiry form with details of their new social media advertising project.

In response, we designed a social media campaign to meet the specific requirements outlined in the competitive tender. After a process of due diligence, we were awarded the contract and we are now an approved UN supplier.

How do Hallam and the UN work together?

Hallam’s team in the UK has developed a close working relationship with the UN campaign team based in New York.

Managing the time difference requires good organisational and project management skills. This is facilitated by our client extranet which makes collaboration easy. We work as a tight-knit team and have developed a good understanding of each other’s preferred methods of working.

Our flexible and responsive approach to working has been key to the success of the UN Free & Equal campaign. We have designed and adapted social media campaigns on demand, launched campaigns quickly, and delivered strong KPIs within tight budgets.

What is the nature of the project?

The Office of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) UN Free & Equal is an unprecedented global UN public information campaign which promotes equal rights and the fair treatment of LGBT people.

By creating a social media strategy which centred around selective audience targeting on Facebook and YouTube, we enabled the UN Free & Equal campaign to reach receptive and engaged individuals.

What were the results?

We exceeded the marketing target by reaching over 15 million users worldwide. The video campaign was viewed by 5.5 million users on Facebook and YouTube and helped raise the awareness of LGBT rights globally.