Cadent Gas Limited - Integrated video campaigns helped establish a brand promise and reached over 15 million impressions

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Cadent Gas Limited manage and maintain 82,000 miles of gas pipes across the West Midlands, North West England, East of England and North London as well as managing the national gas emergency service phone line on behalf of the gas industry in the UK

The challenge

Officially created in 2017, when National Grid sold its gas distribution business, Cadent Gas Limited needed to establish their brand and build awareness that they own and manage four of the eight gas distribution networks in the UK.

It was paramount that Cadent Gas Limited educated the public and key stakeholders to establish trust and recognition and that when a rare unexpected incident happens they run emergency operations in their network and maintain and repair gas pipes in their network.

Our approach

Hallam devised an integrated video-based campaign with a focus to share real-life stories of the ‘Cadent Heroes’ across different service areas. This approach allowed us to establish a human face to their brand as well as educating the public about the expertise and breadth of the service Cadent Gas Limited provides.

Three campaigns were developed that allowed us to plant positive seeds and take ownership of constructive topics: Every call matters, Working day and night and Innovative thinking. The videos were engaging and appealed to viewers – giving the public a glimpse into the lives of difficult and dangerous roles undertaken by Cadent Gas Limited.

Our Earned Media and Creative Teams worked together and created a landing page as a central content hub. This was then our focus for a fully integrated campaign and featured the videos with a mix of copy and images that allowed us to enhance the story-telling, establish the Cadent gas Limited brand and ingrain trust.

An integrated campaign was developed around the content hub, which was promoted online using a mix of organic and paid social media posts and adverts. Various ad formats were used on Facebook and display ads on YouTube to target defined audiences and drive traffic to the landing page. Exploiting all social media we also ran adverts on Instagram, which proved to be a successful tactic, as the network referred 25% of the traffic to the hub.


This honest fly-on-the-wall approach resonated and appealed to a wide audience.

During the 6 months that the 5 Campaigns ran, it collected an impressive number of views. Over 4 million people viewed the video about a day in the life of a Cadent Gas Limited staff. From Engineers to call handlers, Cadent Gas Limited’s staff are what keep the company alive, and ultimately serve the public. In total, the campaigns hit over 15 million impressions, surpassing the initial targets and expectations.

Client testimonial

“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of results-driven by the Cadent Hero campaign. Hallam’s team of experts enabled us to bring our brand to life to a targeted demographic of customers within our network. This led to over 15 million impressions on Facebook and over 4 million video views in total!”

Lindsey Austin – Digital Marketing Advisor