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Based in Nottingham and founded in 2005, Air IT is an award-winning managed IT service provider

They focus on delivering the best results for clients by helping them to transform their IT and communications.

Their services includes IT support, consultancy and projects, cyber security, cloud, business continuity, telecoms and connectivity solutions.

The challenge

Air IT was seeking to redesign and redevelop its company website and use it as a strategic tool for lead generation, targeting prospective clients in new regions to effectively grow the business.

There were some key considerations:

1. The company acquired Managed Business Communications (MBC) in 2013, and were looking for a fresh new website that successfully merged their other sites together to complete the integration between the two businesses. This would see all of their services consolidated and accessible from one place.

2. Air IT wanted assistance in positioning themselves as a regional thought leader in IT & communications service delivery. Not only was this to attract new prospects, but also to effectively show the benefits of working at Air IT to attract new staff.

3. Place an emphasis on lead generation, with a set of targets per month.

4. The new website needed to integrate with internal CRM systems for data capture and sales and marketing automation.

5. As Air IT were a long standing client, we needed to ensure that the new site not only maintained their existing SEO foundation, but also improved upon it.

6.The website also needed to communicate the brand as being a leading and modern IT and communication support company. This would require a fresh design and a modern, responsive website.

Our approach

As the existing websites featured hundreds of pages that needed structuring, our approach was to create a series of configurable components that could easily be used as building blocks for the majority of pages.

We carefully planned out the site and created a simple prototype whilst our designers constructed the suite of modules, ensuring that all of the templates were designed to be fully responsive and work as well on mobile as they did on desktop.

In terms of the front-end design, Air IT worked closely with branding agency Threerooms to develop their imagery and identity.

This involved the creation of a new logo that emphasised their leading market position, and the introduction of the use of an eye-catching, vibrant orange with a gradient that was impactful both on and offline. As they offered a service, Air IT were also keen to focus on their people, coming across as a partner.

Our designers took these visual building blocks and developed them for the website, while our content masterers and copywriters worked closely with the client to build the pages and flesh out the customer journey.


Hallam’s integrated approach to design and development saw us deliver Air IT’s fully responsive WordPress website in October 2018.

The new site is fast and includes rich content, such as video and animations. The bold use of colour and statement fonts make the site fresh and modern.

The user journey is slick, with clear calls to action and easy to find content that allows Air IT’s clients and prospective new business to quickly find the information they are looking for, whether that’s a new service or a support number.

To see Air IT’s website for yourself, click here.

Client testimonial

“We’ve worked with Hallam for well over a year now. I must say it’s a refreshing change to work with such a forward-thinking agency that really understands our business and where we want to go.

You can often get bamboozled with all the techniques that are needed to gain competitive advantage online these days – since things are changing rapidly and it’s impossible for us to keep up to date.

We wanted a website that provides the platform to help take us to the next level, one that aligns with our vision and aspirations – one that integrates with internal systems and delivers measurable improvements. In a crowded marketplace, we needed to raise the bar and position ourselves as market leaders to stand out from the rest.

Hallam have delivered on all fronts and surpassed our expectations. They have a fantastic team with a skill set that spans across the whole digital landscape. We’re delighted with the new site and couldn’t be any happier. With its clear proposition, signposting, user experience and slick modern design – we feel that it helps us stand head and shoulders above our closest rivals.

I’d thoroughly recommend anyone looking to push their online presence to the next level to speak to Hallam – and they’re a great bunch too."

Paul Judge, Marketing Director