GumGum Cuts Bidstream CO2 Emissions by 38% Through Partnership with Assertive Yield

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Partnership unleashes AI-driven efficiency, setting new environmental standards in adtech

GumGum, a contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, today announced an impressive 38% reduction in bidstream carbon emissions in 2023 through its partnership with Assertive Yield (AY), a pioneer in AI-driven traffic shaping solutions for supply-side platforms (SSPs) and publishers.

The collaboration between GumGum and AY aims to assist platforms and publishers with more efficient bidstreams, resulting in decarbonization and sustainability. Through AY’s Traffic Shaping technology, a cutting-edge solution designed for demand path optimization, GumGum optimized relationships with demand-side platforms (DSP) partners by applying Query Per Second (QPS) thresholds tailored to each partner's specific needs.

Leveraging Cedara’s enterprise software, GumGum can accurately measure, reduce, and report on its carbon emissions. Analyzing data from pre- and post-throttling bid requests throughout 2023, GumGum observed a reduction from 161.2 billion to 99.2 billion requests – or 38% – indicating the effectiveness of the throttling solution. It helped GumGum avoid an average of 7 tons of CO2 emissions daily, primarily from network transmission. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 7 tons of CO2 emissions are equivalent to 17,903 miles driven by an average gas-powered vehicle or 1.4 homes' electricity use for one year.

“The AY Traffic Shaping system refreshes its synchronization every 20 seconds to promptly detect any changes in the scaling of various nodes,” added Nils Lind, CEO of Assertive Yield. “This frequently leads to a significant decrease in outgoing requests, sometimes by 50%, 60%, or even 70%, with no noticeable negative effect on revenue. Instead, the impact is predominantly positive."

"Our collaboration with Assertive Yield has been transformative, allowing us to unlock deep insights into our inventory and demand with incredible precision,” said Kara Petrocelli, Senior Director of Platform Operations at GumGum. “The Traffic Shaping solution has enabled us to make more informed decisions, optimizing both our performance and environmental impact through effective supply path decarbonization."

"Our partnership with Assertive Yield allows both ad platforms and publishers to implement traffic shaping seamlessly, safeguarding revenue streams without negative business impacts,” said David Shaw, Co-Founder and CEO at Cedara. “With transparent updates and emission reduction capabilities, they can confidently manage traffic while delivering meaningful results. "

The initiative is part of a broader effort to promote sustainability within the digital advertising ecosystem, aiming for a carbon net-zero future. By optimizing bidstreams, AY and GumGum are leading the way in reducing the digital footprint of online advertising.

These emission calculations are aligned with the SRI/Alliance Digitale (IAB France) digital media emissions measurement framework.

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Assertive Yield stands as a global leader in empowering publishers, SSPs, and Ad Networks to maximize their revenue potential. Its suite of solutions, including Yield Manager, Yield Intelligence, and Yield Optimization, leverages AI and powerful scripts to offer holistic, efficient, and sustainable real-time data from all revenue sources, enabling publishers to manage their ad stack, maximize revenue, reduce costs, and enhance user lifetime value.

With advanced AI-driven features such as real-time revenue predictions, dynamic flooring, and traffic shaping, we provide an all-encompassing platform for publishers' monetization strategies. Distinguished clients, including Apartment Therapy, 9GAG, Hearst Auto, Shinez, Content IQ, and GumGum, benefit from Assertive Yield's services. For more information, please visit

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Cedara, the Carbon Intelligence Platform, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonize and build a more sustainable future for society. Through its comprehensive product suite, Cedara measures the carbon emissions for businesses and develops a path to net zero. Cedara further maps the carbon intensity across supply chains to empower investment teams to decarbonize the supply path across their goods and services. Cedara adopts a high-impact, data-driven approach to develop transformative solutions for businesses and their partners to accelerate the shift to a net zero economy. Founded in 2021, Cedara is headquartered in New York City with offices in the US, UK, France, and Germany. To learn more, please visit