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Why Advertising is all Treat and no Trick

by Stuart Bryan

November 1, 2018

It’s that time of year again; the jack-o'-lanterns are lit and witches wander the streets. But it doesn’t all have to be so scary.

For brands, advertising can be a daunting prospect. How can you guarantee the fabled sales, profit, ROI and increased brand awareness? Well, no one has a crystal ball, but significant strides have been taken towards minimising risk. Advertisers now have the tools at their disposal to ensure they don’t get spooked by rigid media plans lacking both accountability and purpose.

Digital shivers?

Most notably, the rise of digital media, particularly in the context of programmatic buying, has allowed advertisers to be laser targeted to their precise audience and minimise wastage. As well as your standard demographic parameters, data regarding interests and behaviours can also be overlaid to ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time. Recently brand safety has been highlighted as a concern, but it is an issue that can be navigated by taking the right steps. For example, private networks create brand safe neighbourhoods and native advertising is naturally less problematic due to the publishers care regarding user experience.

This recent digital revolution has sparked a need for more considered advertising using broadcast mediums too. Newsbrands have ventured into the more targeted digital space and can even offer copy testing to determine which words, colours and images are most engaging so that the creative itself can be perfect. So, now you know your advert will be responsive before you spend a penny, it doesn’t sound so scary, does it? This increasingly data-driven approach is clearly paying off, with ad revenue for UK national news brands increasing for the first time in seven years in the first 3 months of 2018.

Frights out

Out of Home has traditionally been the most difficult medium to track, but various technologies have made it possible to control and maximise effectiveness. Campaigns can be reactive to weather and time of day so consumers are reached at the perfect moment with the perfect message. Some retailers are even utilising mobile GPS tracking to measure uplifts in footfall in stores near their ad placements. This allows brand to be far more agile, creative and engaging and this is clearly being embraced, with Digital Out of Home expected to account for over 48% of the OOH market in 2018.

TV screams

Television is regarded as the most trusted advertising medium by the UK population, and with good reason. Advertisers – or in most cases, their creative agencies – are required to submit drafts of their commercial to Clearcast for approval before it can be aired, whilst the environment they’re being aired in is also subject to strict regulations that channels and broadcasters must comply with. This is a big part of why brands that advertise on TV are regarded as being more credible by consumers.

With TV, you can also run second-by-second analysis to determine the uplift each individual spot generates, meaning that campaigns can be continuously monitored, and optimisations actioned in just a matter of days. On top of that, we offer white-label logins to our tracking software so advertisers are no longer left in the dark.

This list of possibilities goes on, and all media channels now have something to shout about in terms of how they can de-risk the marketing process. This trend doesn’t look likely to stop, with advertisers now very much in the driving seat. Even considering the current economic and political uncertainty, largely due to the looming Brexit, Q1 was the strongest first quarter for three years in terms of advertising expenditure in the UK.

All treat and no trick. What better time to advertise? Get in touch with our experts today.


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