Welcome to interesting

At Guerilla we love interesting. Interesting is compelling. Exciting. Absorbing. Entertaining. It grabs the attention and curiosity. It can’t be boring. And it’s at the heart of everything we do and are. A more interesting agency

Since we opened our big black door for the first time back in 2002, our aim has been simple – to work harder and smarter to provide the right ideas in the right places to achieve our clients’ aims. We are not specialists in one thing. Or even two. We have a skilled and passionate team with experience in all areas of marketing that can support you on any project. How does interesting work?

It’s quite simple really. We define what is interesting about your brand, and who will find it interesting… and connect them in the most effective way possible. We believe in ideas. Strong, memorable, concise and, yes, interesting ideas. Without an idea your creative will blend in and not leave a lasting impression. Some interesting facts about us

We won the Global Brand Strategy of the Year award at the Drum 2013 Marketing awards. We have been ranked as a top 100 RAR agency 2013 and we are RAR accredited for branding, digital, advertising, promotions and design services. Our online survey shows that 95% of our clients think our levels of proactivity are good or excellent, and 97% rate our understanding of their requirements as excellent.

So enough about us, now let’s find out what’s interesting about you…
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