Broadcasting breaking news as it airs using digital OOH

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Most recent campaign sees Times Radio run timely ads relating to Boris Johnson’s no-confidence vote as the news breaks

Most recent campaign sees Times Radio run timely ads relating to Boris Johnson’s no-confidence vote as the news breaks

Leading Out of Home specialist, Kinetic has partnered with Times Radio to launch its latest data-driven campaign. Using Kinetic’s global programmatic OOH platform ‘Sightline’, the campaign targets audiences interested in news and current affairs at the most relevant moments with messages reacting to the biggest breaking news stories.

In conjunction with and mSix&Partners, Times Radio are able to programmatically activate campaigns on digital 48 sheets in key cities across the UK – going live within 8 hours of the news happening – marking a huge advancement from classic OOH lead times.

Kinetic and Times Radio have run multiple campaign bursts over the past few months, with the most recent featuring the vote of confidence in Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in which ads went live the same day. Previous bursts include a campaign surrounding the breaking Partygate / Sue Gray report story that engulfed the nation, along with ads relating to the local elections earlier in May.

Using programmatic Out of Home and dynamic creative, Kinetic’s capabilities enable the publisher to spark debate and get in front of key audiences at the critical moment when breaking news hits the airwaves. By projecting highly adaptive creative in response to real-world events, Times Radio is able to demonstrate that they are at the forefront of debate and analysis on the most important and topical news stories to date.

Kinetic’s expert team was also able to help Times Radio navigate regulation and legislation flexibly in terms of creative output. This included alcoholic drinks being present in the Partygate photographs, which could have been in violation of alcohol advertising regulations.

“It’s great to be able to show the true extent of OOH’s abilities for a brand that absolutely relies on demonstrating its ability to keep on top of consumer interest and breaking news. We’re proud to once again prove that Kinetic is ahead of the pack in data-driven programmatic DOOH advertising, and hope this serves as a case study for brands who are yet to see the tremendous steps our medium has taken in its ability to adaptively reach consumers with the right ads, at the right time.”

~Alys Donnelly, Head of Programmatic, Kinetic

“To show people that Times Radio is the live news station from The Times, we were looking for ways to be reactive to the news agenda. We were delighted to find this solution which allows us to be creative, responsible and flexible.”

~Louise Agran, Marketing Director, Times Radio