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Advertising giant JCDecaux partners with GreenJinn

by Laurent Olver

January 10, 2023

The world’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company JCDecaux has joined forces with THE free cash back app Greenjinn to help brands drive instore sales directly from their media; from print to purchase.

The agreement is with the JCDecaux Nurture team for start-up and scaling businesses, giving them opportunities through OOH advertising to build brand awareness and brand trust whilst growing customer numbers.

There is increasing pressure at the moment on brands to perform in stores, with squeezed margins and smaller budgets, brands are looking for the most effective media to drive sales.

In traditional use of media there is often a blind spot.

-How do you know who sees your Out-of-Home advert and goes on to buy your product in store?

-You cannot retarget those who engaged with the ads and bought the product.

-How do you know which advert is driving the most sales?

Introducing GreenJinn Treasure: Tracking and measuring offline conversion from media.

GreenJinn Treasure allows brands to go beyond brand awareness of their ad spend and deliver tangible and measurable call-to-actions to drive in-store activation and generate actionable insights with retargeting opportunities.

It is an easy way for consumers to get cash back on their groceries and for the brands; to track exactly how their campaign is performing. We know how important it is to understand a consumer journey and in an easy to measure way. Currently brands will use paid media to drive awareness and increase sales but have no insights or data of how that ad has affected in store sales.

So how does it work?

-The shoppers will interact with an ad on a JCDecaux owned outdoor billboard or 6 sheet.

-They scan the QR code and are taken directly to the offer in GreenJinn app.

-They then buy that product full price in store or online, snap a picture of the receipt

on the app and get the cash back straight to their bank or PayPal. As easy as that. Shop. Snap. Save.

How does this help you- the brand?

-Generates consumer engagement

-Drives localised and targeted sales

-Clear understanding of their customers through granular, real-time insights

This means that brands can get a clear ROI of their media and know that it is really driving sales.

This is hugely beneficial for small businesses who do not have large marketing budgets. Especially important at the moment, for brands introducing new products during an economic crisis. This collaboration is giving brands a platform to trial their products on our highly engaged users, gather feedback from them whilst gaining important insights into shopping patterns.

We can see not only which ad is performing the best, but what retailer and area.

With GreenJinn Treasure, they can even go on to re-target those consumers to help build loyalty. We have the ability to tailor coupon re-targeting based upon the consumers diet and lifestyle profile.

We are helping more brands optimise their media using QR codes, gain valuable consumer insights and retarget and really track the performance of their media. The collaboration is already delivering great results for up-and-coming brands.

Hear from Emma, from Pollen + Grace on our recent campaign with them:

“For smaller brands like Pollen + Grace, sweating our marketing budget and deploying media that drives both awareness and sales is key to our success. With two big NPD launches this year, our portfolio was looking tastier than ever. We know once people try our products they love them, so we needed a way to allow customers to sample whilst gaining important insights. We decided to treat consumers to a summer lunch on us, by featuring a QR code on our billboards situated close to stores. Our bold outdoor ads not only generated brand awareness in key London neighbourhoods, but also made it easy for consumers to pop into a nearby store to try Pollen + Grace for themselves, for free. Alongside a comprehensive brand and trade activation plan, this activity contributed to an epic summer of sales growth for Pollen + Grace.”

Emma Preston

Senior Brand Manager, Pollen + Grace

Media conversion and measurement has never been so easy!


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