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Grosvenor Casinos - The Grosvenor Gent

Grosvenor Casinos were launching a new ATL campaign ‘Pure Excitement. Pure Casino’. The campaign allowed the brand to communicate a clear focus that playing at a Grosvenor Casino delivered pure, unadulterated excitement to customers.

The TVC delivered the proposition by focusing on the glamour and thrill visiting a casino brings you.

We were tasked with developing a social activation idea that amplified the Pure Casino proposition – The Grosvenor Gent.

‘Pure Excitement, Pure Casino’

Capitalising on the notion of style and glamour in the casino we put our focus on what it meant to have these attributes. Building on the ‘Pure Excitement. Pure Casino.’ platform we developed a third pillar: Pure Confidence.

Pure Confidence is something that we all aspire to achieving – the ability to walk into a room and instantly own it, being stylish without being ostentatious. Whether in a gaming situation or in life in general, it’s a great attribute to have. We all want to be a true Grosvenor Gent.

Enter the new brand ambassador… Mark Wright

The idea of the Grosvenor Gent was an exciting area to explore. Although the heritage and premium nature of the brand gave Grosvenor good authority to talk about what it means to have Pure Confidence, it was a new territory for them and for their audience. Enter the brand ambassador… Mark Wright.

Mark Wright personified the Grosvenor Gent and the aspirational goals of their audience. Mark built the bridge between the casino brand and the audience, providing a relatable face to the campaign and the messaging.

Through a series of bite-size videos, covering all topics from accessorising a suit to your first visit to a casino, he delivered step-by-step guides in to how to look and act like a true Grosvenor Gent.

We created 12 bite size videos that we released across Facebook and Twitter over a period of 4 weeks. With a moderate activation budget the posts achieved an impressive reach and video views. The average engagement rate for the first half of the campaign averaged at 28%.

Although video views and reach had surpassed previous expectations, social actions were lower than anticipated. To counteract this we reviewed our comms plan and introduced an incentive to 4 of the key remaining posts by including a simple prize draw. We increased social actions by over 200% and drove reach and video views even further.

Overall we delivered an activation full of style, charm and most importantly substance; a campaign that any Grosvenor Gent could be proud of.


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Grosvenor Casinos