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The Rich Eisen show upgrades its digital content & distribution

by Scott Lunn

The NFL-themed talk show broadcast live to YouTube and delivered highlight clips across social media platforms.

Grabyo partnered with The Rich Eisen Show, starring NFL Network TV journalist Rich Eisen, to double-down on its digital video strategy and deliver live content to online audiences.

Using our cloud-native platform, The Rich Eisen Show delivered live video broadcasts to YouTube and clip, edit and share video highlights to its other social channels. The show also broadcasted live audio to its website,

The daily talk show includes NFL discussion and debate between Rich Eisen, Mike De Tufo and Chris Brockman, including remote guest phone-ins from players, coaches and analysts to give their view.

The show’s remote production team used Grabyo for distribution, which is entirely cloud-based and can be accessed through a web-browser from anywhere in the world. This enhanced flexibility enabled The Rich Eisen Show’s team to work remotely from home and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloud-based production and delivery were critical for publishers and content creators to maintain their output whilst under the health restrictions that were in place in the US. Using Grabyo, the show’s team could manage distribution entirely remotely without compromising on the show’s quality or reach.

Using Grabyo’s live clipping capabilities, the show was able to create more supplementary content outside of live broadcasts. Delivering highlight clips enabled the show to engage social audiences at a time that suits them and drive more viewers to future live broadcasts.

The Rich Eisen Show used Grabyo Studio to distribute its live broadcasts to its social media channels and website. It also utilized Grabyo Studio to clip, edit and share real-time videos and highlights to social media and its website.

“In this increasingly multi-platform content-creating universe, I found that The Rich Eisen Show needed some extra firepower in helping immediately place our high-volume content in front of as many people as possible in the social and digital worlds. Grabyo is an amazingly powerful tool and simple to use, making it all the more crucial for us to bring as much quality content to fans on as many platforms as we can as soon as we feasibly can. Grabyo has been integral in making that all happen.” Rich Eisen, Presenter of The Rich Eisen Show



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The Rich Eisen Show