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FOX Sports Mexico shifts its digital live production to the cloud

by Scott Lunn

The broadcaster adopted Grabyo as part of a new cloud-based production workflow. We partnered with FOX Sports Mexico to transition its live digital video production to the cloud. Using Grabyo, the broadcaster reaches sports fans across Mexico with live and real-time video across its digital channels, delivering content remotely and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The broadcaster holds media rights to many of the world’s premier sporting events. At a time when very little live sport was taking place, it leveraged our cloud-native platform to deliver new live experiences across its social, mobile and OTT channels.

FOX Sports Mexico utilized our advanced live production capabilities to broadcast the 2020 NFL Draft to its website and the FOX Sports App. The broadcast was delivered in high-fidelity, entirely in the cloud, and localized for Spanish-speaking audiences using a commentator to translate.

Live production in the cloud is highly flexible and agile, requiring no additional hardware or software. Using minimal resources and staff, the broadcaster’s digital team was able to set-up and produce the show remotely, from anywhere in the world, using any laptop/PC with an internet connection. Producers were able to collaborate within Grabyo to deliver various aspects of the broadcast, from graphic overlays to managing the stream and running the show.

By delivering live broadcasts to social, mobile and OTT platforms, FOX Sports Mexico’s live content is highly accessible. With much of the world at home, video consumption is greatly increased. Ensuring content is available across any device is key in ensuring the broadcaster’s channels are the primary destination for sports coverage.

"Our aim is to provide the highest quality sports coverage for all sports fans across the country. Shifting to the cloud for our live and real-time video production helps us to achieve that. We know sports fans want to access the latest news and keep up to date on their smartphones, online and across social media, so we have taken steps to ensure that we can produce live content suited to those platforms, satisfying the growing demand for live coverage online.” Ernesto López, Production and Programming Vice-President at FOX Sports Mexico


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Fox Sports Mexico